July 31, 2022 ~ Building Community One Positive Story at a Time

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Shark Week Story Time

Where are the cool kids?
At the Bridgewater Public Library, of course!
Today our fabulous little friends joined our new Children's Librarian Ms. Apryl to celebrate Shark Week. Stories, songs, games and crafts were the fun of the day.
Please visit the Bridgewater Public Library (www.bridgewaterpubliclibrary.org/) website to learn about upcoming activities. There is something for everyone! #welovethelibrary
Historical Tidbit:

Washing Machine
Recently I was reading a journal that my great grandfather had written in 1905. Among the pages I came across a short note entitled Washing Machines: "A home without a washing machine today is as rare as one without a telephone or radio, but then it was a great exception. I bought a 1900 washer in 1904 and it was my job to get up early and operate it. The motive, (its) power, was a couple of strong springs that had to be kept in motion." The earliest manual washing machines imitated the motion of the human hand on the washboard, by using a lever to move one curved surface over another and rubbing clothes between two ribbed surfaces. This type of washer was first patented in the United States in 1846 and survived as late as 1927 in the Montgomery Ward catalog. The first electric clothes washers, in which a motor rotated the tub, were introduced into America about 1900. The motor was not protected beneath the machine and water often dripped into it causing short-circuits and jolting shocks. By 1911, it was possible to buy oscillating, cylinder, domestic washing machines with sheet metal tubs mounted on angle-iron frames with perforated metal or wooden slat cylinders inside.
Respectfully submitted, Sue Basile 
Academy Building Municipal Offices
 66 Central Square 
Services available through phone, email & website only
Bridgewater Public Library
15 South Street
Cole-Yeaton Senior Center
10 Wally Krueger Way
Food Pantry
Central Square Congregational Church
71 Central Square
Thursdays - 10a - 1p
1st Monday of each month from 6 - 7:30p
Cheryl Studley
won a $15 gift certificate to Pinches & Pounds
Candy Store Rt 18, Whitman!

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Stuffie Sleepover Story Time with Apryl

Tue, August 09
10 - 10:30a
Flora T. Little Meeting Room

Bring a stuffed buddy to story time for a library sleepover! Stuffies will stay overnight and should be picked up the next day (Wednesday, August 10). Children should not bring a "best" buddy that they can't leave overnight. See what sorts of fun things your stuffies get into during their night at the library. 
Join Apryl for stories, movement, and music about stuffed animals. Recommended for children ages 1.5 to 5 years old. No registration required. 

August Senior Events to look out for
Every Friday
Line Dancing

Friday Aug 5th
Shades of Gray Concert

Sat August 13th
Dress a Girl (outside)

Every Tuesday
Bowling (Offiste)

Whatever you are craving tonight,
we’re sure our latest special will satisfy you! 

Yard games at the Library!
Check out the yard games from the library of things at anytime. Place a hold or drop in to see what is available. Time to get outside and get active!

Click Here to see what is available
South Shore Astronomical Society Presentation

Wed, August 03
6:30 - 8p
Bridgewater Library Flora T. Little Meeting Room

August's Flora T. Little Gallery artist is the South Shore Astronomical Society. Photographs by members of the society will be on display for the entire month of August.

The presentation will include:
  • 6:30p: Matt Schricker speaking about Light Pollution
  • 7p: Steve LaFlamme speaking about the Sun
  • 7:30p: Jim Ahola speaking about dwarf planets MakeMake and Pluto
Also, weather permitting they will have a couple of telescopes set up outside and focused on the Moon. 

Toilet Paper...
Yes, Toilet Paper
  • In an average household, the average roll of toilet paper lasts approximately five days.
  • We use an average of 57 sheets of toilet paper a day!
  • It takes about 384 trees to make the toilet paper that one person uses within their lifetime.
  • The average person uses 100 rolls of toilet paper per year (over 20,000 sheets).
  • Toilet paper was first patented in Albany, NY (www.toiletpaperhistory.net)
"Respiration is the process by which a tree takes in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. The amount of carbon dioxide a tree can hold is called carbon sequestration. They sequester this carbon dioxide by storing it in their trunks, branches, leaves and roots; the best trees for carbon dioxide absorption will have large trunks and dense wood." (www.hunker.com)
The more trees we have, the better our air quality.
Since the large trees do not grow as quickly as we use them, switching to toilet paper made of recycled paper or bamboo is a sustainable choice. (Since I know I won't be planting 384 trees to replace the ones I use.)
Bamboo grows very fast and is a great substitute. Plus you are supporting smaller companies with innovative practices. whogivesacrap.org. reelpaper.com
Also, while you are looking at toilet paper companies, it's a good time to check out paper towel pricing as well, some companies provide both. This Climate Can-Do is written by J. Rose
Henna with Mandy

Thu, August 11
12 - 2p
Flora T. Little Meeting Room
This program is for ages 6+. No registration, first come, first served. Mandy Roberge, of Wicked Good Henna, will be visiting the library to create her henna designs. Visit us and have Mandy adorn your skin with a beautiful henna tattoo! The henna paste is applied artfully to the skin in breathtaking designs.

In-Person and By Mail
Massachusetts Votes Act allows registered voters to vote by mail for any presidential, state or municipal primary or election; set aside two weeks (including two weekends) of early voting in-person for state elections and one week (including one weekend) for presidential or state primaries; and extend the voter registration deadline from 20 to 10 days before a preliminary, primary or general election. 

Check the www.sec.state.ma.us/ele/ website for more voting information.
Everything You Need for Gardening
Tools, Seeds, Soil & Fertilizers
Wide Selection & Helpful Service!
1000 Plymouth St (Rt 104) • Bridgewater • (508) 697-0357
Massachusetts Cultural Sector Recovery Grants

The Mass Cultural Council is offering a historic level of funding through grants to both individuals and local Massachusetts organizations.

These unrestricted, one-time grants are open to creatives, gig workers, cultural organizations, collectives, and businesses impacted negatively by the COVID-19 pandemic. Applications open on August 8th for businesses and August 15th for individuals.

For more information, check out the Mass Cultural Council webpage.
Metro South Chamber's Engaging Workshop:
Social Media Jeopardy
For Small Businesses & Anyone Who Wants to Learn
Thursday, August 18th
12 - 1:30p
In-person at Metro South Chamber
60 School Street, Brockton and over Zoom

Join us for a game of Social Media Marketing Jeopardy! We will have topics centered around:
1.  Google 2.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 3.  Social Networks 4.  Video, Video, Video 5.  Advertising 6.  Marketing 101
Discussion will follow each answer. We have prizes! This hybrid workshop will take place in-person at the Metro South Chamber of Commerce; 60 School Street, Brockton and over Zoom with Marketing Consultant, Tricia White, T.White Creations.

Find YOUR Bliss with
Try a Blissful class this Summer.
Register Today!

Svaroopa yoga excels at releasing the deep tension in your body. While the benefits of this style of yoga are profound, it is very easy to do. We use the alignment of the body, rather than a lot of effort, along with blankets for propping to make the poses accessible, supportive and effective.

516 N. Bedford St, East Bridgewater
(508) 331-3564

Into to How to Save a Planet Podcast

Read more
Music Alley!
What a week we had last week with the Male Bonding Band and their friends David Jackson and Emilia Dahlin. The South Shore Smoke House food truck was a hit and the alley was overflowing! Music fans spilled out into Central Square and it was a perfect summer evening for live music, great food and community.

Credit: George Rizer and Music Alley Facebook

Have fun with us and bee entered to win:
a free 1.5 hour class at

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