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Volume 12 - December 2022

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DefenAge / Eye Lash Extensions

Jeuveau / Rezenerate

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DefenAge™ Pro Exclusive Skin Care

DefenAge is a definitely a skin care brand on a mission!


This unique skin care line utilizes the technology of defensins, molecules that can reprogram dormant cells to generate newer, healthier and more youthful skin. DefenAge has been clinically proven in 15 studies and uses clean ingredients. Each product is formulated to address individual skincare concerns

DefenAge PRO EXCLUSIVE Platinum Edition has an increased concentration of DefenAge's proprietary age-reversing molecule ~ more defensins = more anti-aging power ~ clinically proven to reduce global signs of aging and ignite a wound-healing response in the skin.

Defensins are one of the most powerful anti-aging technologies available. 


Purchase the Clinical Power Trio ($365)

Get a Silk Pillowcase for FREE

The 100% Natural Mulberry Silk Pillowcase offers you a luxury experience, helping to prevent your delicate skin

while you sleep! 

Enjoy 10% off each additional DefenAge product you include while shopping!

(3D Eye Cream, Neck Cream, Multi-Cleanse, or Body Cream)*

*10% savings w/Trio purchase.

Transform your look for all your holiday gatherings

Bat your lashes at Santa!

Pamper yourself ~ get a glamorous look with professionally applied

"eyelash extensions."

I specialize in the application of silk & faux-mink lashes to create a natural,

yet dramatic, eye appeal.

Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the length, curliness, fullness, and thickness

of natural eyelashes.

Buy a Full Set $125

Get a Skinfiniti Lovely Lash Serum* for FREE

($45 value)

*Lovely Lash Serum is a brilliant natural lash conditioner using a powerful peptide ingredient that specifically acts on the skin cells of the lashes to help build sturdier longer lashes. Safe and highly effective, this incredible solution helps eyelashes become longer & fuller.

*Service must be completed by 12/30/22

Glow with Jeuveau

this Holiday season

Don't get your tinsel in a tangle!

You know those pesky little wrinkles between your eyebrows that just

won’t go away?

Well, they're called glabellar lines, also referred to as "frown lines" or "11's." Jeuveau® (just like Botox) is an

injectable treatment that works to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines in adults.


Buy 30 units

Enjoy 10 additional units for FREE

($110 value)

*Service must be completed by 12/30/22

Who doesn’t love to save money?

Join the Evolus rewards program with Skinfiniti and get $40 off your treatments!

Relax & Rezenerate

A bit of relaxing downtime to make your face all-a-Glow

The Rezenerate facial is the newest skin care modality on the market today!

It uses nanotechnology to bring you great results without ANY downtime at all! Just a glow!

This facial offers a unique solution to skin repair and rejuvenation by delivering nutrients efficiently into your skin. The special wand uses a disposable “nano” chip to stimulate cell repair and regeneration while helping your skin to become more luminous, hydrated and plumped. If you want quick results, this is the perfect facial to consider. It delivers nutrients into the skin encouraging the natural production of collagen and elastin.

Your skin will be left rejuvenated, with softened fine lines and wrinkles and a radiant glow.

Give your skin a gift ~ Rezenerate ~ you deserve to glow! 

Schedule your antiaging facial ~ $125

Get a FREE Skinfiniti Luxurious Creamy Wash 

($28 value)

*Service must be completed by 12/30/22

Skinfiniti $aving$

The holidays are rapidly approaching, and if you’re running out of gift ideas for that special someone on your list, consider picking up a Skinfiniti gift card!

While gift cards may have a reputation for seeming impersonal or last minute, a little extra care will make them come across as quite the opposite.

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