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Volume 8 - August  2022

 August is National Wellness Month!

This month, take time to think about all the ways you can better your mind, body & soul! Challenge yourself to create new, healthier habits that promote holistic wellness!


Make Exercise A Part of Your Day

There’s no better time than National Wellness Month to start an exercise program! Regular exercise improves pain management, reduces mental stress, increases flexibility & strength, & promotes healthy circulation.


Drink More Water

Drinking more water is easy & provides a plethora of health benefits. Water is critical

for healthy digestion, helps to eliminate toxins from the body & can also aid with weight loss.


Cut Back on Sugar

Sugar is in just about everything - & we all consume more than we think we do. Get your fix but do it smarter: read labels & make healthy substitutions where you can!


Try Something New

Take a few days during National Wellness Month to try something new. It is healthy & can improve your mental outlook by making you feel good!


Go Outside More

Go outside, get away & put down your phone! Your body will get more exercise, your respiratory system will benefit from the circulation, & you’ll enjoy new experiences.


Slow Down & Relax More

There are so many things in our daily life that can stress us out ~ not only that, but stress can affect your well-being & make you sick. Consider National Wellness Month to try & alleviate that stress! Slow down & relax.


Don’t sweat the small stuff! 

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You'll feel better when you slow down & relax!

National Hair Loss Awareness Month

August is also the month dedicated to education on the causes & treatments of hair loss with the goal of ending it for those who are affected! 


What causes hair loss?

There are many things known to cause hair loss such as hereditary hair loss, autoimmune disease processes, Alopecia areata, stress, hormonal imbalances, styling practices, poor diet choices & even medical treatment(s).


Hair Loss Treatment Options

Fortunately, there are treatment options to help you feel like yourself again!

Treatment solutions slow hair loss or regrow hair, helping you achieve the hair you deserve.

Hair Growth Formulas in the form of shampoo & conditioner can help in restoring lost hair naturally.

PRP Treatments

When it comes to hair loss, platelets injected deep into the scalp to reach the bottom of the hair follicle can stimulate a specialized population of cells (dermal papilla) cells & when stimulated play a critical role in hair growth. 


Red Light Therapy

Exposing the scalp to red light, it is absorbed by specialized cells deep within the follicle, providing energy to enhance cellular respiration & hair growth.

Clinically proven results using PRP & Red-light therapy treatments are able slow, stop, or even reverse hair loss!


Whatever your hair loss type & stage is, consider taking the necessary steps to make this your LAST Hair Loss Awareness Month! 

I would be honored to help – please contact me for a complimentary consult! 


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Can You Get A Chemical Peel

in the Summer?

My answers may surprise you!  Read on...

Our skin is biologically designed to handle all seasons—from the hottest & most humid to the most frigid.

Yup... there’s a common misconception that you should avoid getting chemical peels in the summer. Understandably so, as proper chemical peel aftercare states you should avoid prolonged sun exposure.

However, with proper sun protection & a little TLC, peeling in the summer is completely safe & effective

and can be even beneficial for your skin! 

The myth: “You can’t get a chemical peel in the summer”

The truth is that our skin is equipped to handle some roughness, & a little bit of sun exposure is perfectly safe for chemical peel recovery. Wear sunscreen & take proper sun protection measures (like wearing a hat), which is something we should be doing year-round anyways.  

The truth: The summer season can be a great time for a peel

Chemical peels, like VI Peel, induce skin regeneration & exfoliation ~ known as skin cell turnover. The older we get, the slower the cell turnover is, & chemical peels help move along cell sloughing to prompt newer & fresher cells to the surface. The exfoliating acids found in chemical peels not only stimulate new cell generation but do so in a way that avoids stimulating new melanin production. What can induce melanin production – & therefore lead to new dark spots & hyperpigmentation – comes from improper post-peel care, like not wearing SPF

or staying out in the sun for prolonged periods of time.

So, as long as you are wearing your SPF & keeping your skin protected from the sun,

your chemical peel results should not be affected, no matter the season.

But, what about chemical peels & the summer heat?

It's true that prolonged sun exposure & intense heat should be minimized when recovering from a chemical peel. But the key here is the word prolonged & intense. Lifestyle sun exposure, like running errands, driving in the car, & going for a walk, are all perfectly fine, as long as you protect your skin with SPF - Recovering from a chemical peel is more about avoiding the internally generated heat that can cause excessive sweating (like from exercise & saunas (e.g., anything that causes you to sweat).

Now for the surprise: Chemical peels may be even better when performed in the summer!

Drier skin types, dehydrated skin types, & skin types that are prone to redness & sensitivity can benefit from having a little more oil, sweat, & moisture in the air during warmer months,

creating the perfect canvas for a peel. 

Also, a summertime peel when sun damage is fresh can cut off discoloration at the pass & prevent conditions

like melasma from getting trapped in deeper layers of your skin. 

Note: while it’s safe to peel in the summer, you should never get a chemical peel if your

skin is sun-exposed or sunburned. So, if you just came back from a tropical vacation or had a sunny beach weekend, it’s best to wait until your skin has recovered before getting a peel.

Not sure if your skin is ready? Schedule a consult - we can visit & I can help you decide!

So, when is the best time for a chemical peel?  

Ultimately, this question is for you along with my help!  However, know that there really isn’t a “best time.”

Skincare maintenance is something that should be cared for all year long, no matter the season. 

I'm proud to offer my clients the best ~ VI Peel

 VI Peel offers a range of chemical peels that are ideal for treating sun damage on the face, décolleté, shoulders

and anywhere else you’d like a rejuvenating boost. If you’re struggling with any type of sun damage, melasma,

or hyperpigmentation.

 Come on in & see me - lets' get you peeling!

PSST.... September is National Skin Care Awareness Month. 

Watch for exciting "specials" coming your way!  

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