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Singer/Songwriter Pat Garrett Releases Song in Support of Trump for President
Strausstown, PA, May 25, 2016 - Pat Garrett Entertainment announces the national release by singer/songwriter Pat Garrett,  of his song "I'm Voting for Donald for President", in support of presumptive presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

Gov Palin and Pat Garrett 3Garrett is not just jumping on the Trump train now. He penned the tune in June 2015, soon after the businessman announced his candidacy amidst a firestorm of criticism. Garrett, who has met Trump, says he was impressed by how gentlemanly the billionaire was in person, "just a regular guy. He's proven himself to be strong and successful in the real world, and those same skills can benefit our country."

This isn't the first time the prolific songwriter, also known for writing the Arctic Monkey's tune "Bad Woman", has ventured into the political arena.  In 2008, Garrett wrote "Moose-Shootin' Mama" for then vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin. The song landed him on the campaign trail entertaining at GOP rallies for McCain and Palin. He's also written several songs with irreverent political commentary like the "Monica Lewinsky Polka", "Saddam Stomp", and "I Need a Bailout".

Garrett says he would like to get back on the campaign trail again, entertaining at rallies for Trump. "I do believe he can make America great again."

"I'm Voting for Donald for President"  is available on iTunes.  Watch the video on YouTube that accompanies the song. Click the link here For more information on Pat Garrett visit

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