June 19, 2015

Calling generations of all nations to the 
       simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ!


Simple Evangelism:  Live Like a Missionary  


Consider for a few seconds this word: missionary. The word missionary likely brings to mind an image of someone who travels to a foreign land, lives among the people, eats with them, plays with them, shops among them, learns their language, understands their culture, and discovers and meets their needs, looking for every opportunity - in mostly unscripted day to day activity - to talk with friends and acquaintances about Jesus. Simple Evangelism focuses on equipping every believer to live just like that! To live as a missionary wherever God has divinely placed each Christian. Those of us in the Church must think about our role of being a witness for Christ as being a missionary for Him. We are all called, yes, even commissioned, by the Lord to live like missionaries with the people in our world of influence, intentionally expanding it at every opportunity.


In May, Mike met with leaders of North Addison Baptist Church in Spokane, WA for a three hour introduction to Simple Evangelism in preparation for church wide training this fall. These leaders discovered that living like a missionary means three key relationships in their lives must be biblically healthy: relationship with God, relationship with other Christians, and relationship with the lost.   Living like a missionary also means being more aware of the people God has already placed in your world of influence and being intentional to see that world of influence expand. Living like a missionary means spending time with those who do not know Jesus: eating with them, discovering their story, meeting their needs, and loving them. Living like a missionary means helping people who do not yet understand who Jesus is or what He came to do gain biblical understanding through consistent, patient, ongoing explanations and instructions about Jesus from the Word. Living like a missionary means staying focused on the mission, explaining Jesus to others, regardless of whether one is working, playing, eating, or shopping. It is a singleness of devotion to no longer live for self but for Christ. 

Redeeming Grace Worship

Coulee Baptist Association (CBA) Project    


"Reach!" Youth Rally: On June 13th, four churches from CBA brought teens to the second of several scheduled youth rallies. There was a total of 35 in attendance: 25 teenagers and 9 adult youth volunteers. Cameron and Amanda Lewis, youth leaders at Eastmont Baptist Church, Wenatchee, WA, did a great job leading students in games that helped teens relax and connect to other students and adults. Next, the group shared a meal together: pizza provided by the association and served by volunteers from Eastmont Baptist. After fellowship over dinner, the teens moved to the youth room for the evening's evangelistic youth service.  Mike led music and then preached a message called "Like a Serpent in the Wilderness" from John 3:1-18 and Numbers 21:4-9.  From these texts, teens learned what Jesus taught Nicodemus about being born again.  Teens gathered in small groups after the message for discussion and further reflection.  Three teen girls indicated their decision to trust in and follow Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.  Praise God!


Redeeming Grace Church:  

It was a joy to preach at Redeeming Grace Church in Soap Lake, WA on Sunday, June 14th. The fellowship with pastors Jacob St. Mary and Thomas Karrer and the congregation during lunch afterwards was also a blessing. We were grateful for the work of the Spirit in our midst as we examined the Lord's instructions in Luke 9:18-26 and Matthew 16:22-23. In this teachable moment, Jesus explained to the 12 apostles what it means to be His disciples. In so doing, He gave a clear picture of what it means to walk humbly with God: deny self, take up your cross and follow Jesus. Consider your own life for a moment. Are you setting your mind on man's interests or God's interests? Do you tell yourself, "No," surrendering your own will and way? Do you submit to God's will, taking up your cross daily and following Jesus Christ wherever He leads? 


CBA Youth Rally - Recreation
CBA Youth Rally - Dinner
CBA Youth Rally - Worship
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