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MARCH 2022

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Jim Vigdor
Director of Government Affairs
Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce
H.R. 3684: What Will the Infrastructure Bill Bring to California?
H.R 3684, the “U.S. Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act,” will potentially:

Repair and rebuild roads and bridges. We could expect to receive $25.3B for federal-aid highway apportioned programs and $4.2B for bridge replacements and repairs over 5 years.
Improve sustainable transportation options. We could receive $9.45B to improve public transportation across the State over 5 years.
Build a network of EV Chargers. We could expect to receive $384M over 5 years to support expanding EV charging networks, and also have the opportunity to apply for $2.5B in grant funding dedicated to EV charging.
Connect all Americans to high-speed internet. We will receive a minimum allocation of $100M to help provide broadband coverage across the State and provide access to those who lack it. Over 10M Californians will be eligible for the Affordability Connectivity Benefit to help low-income families afford internet access.
Improve our infrastructure to better prepare for the impacts of climate change, cyber-attacks & extreme weather. We can expect $84M over 5 years to protect against wildfires and $40M to protect against cyber-attacks. Californians will also benefit from the bill’s $3.5B national investment in weatherization which will help reduce energy costs for families.
Improve the nation’s airports. We will receive approximately $1.5B for airport infrastructure development over 5 years.

Note: The numbers reflected above are current estimates and may change over the course of the five-year period.

(Source: US Chamber of Commerce)

This bill requires employers to affirm that each eligible employee or independent contractor has shown proof of vaccination against Covid-19, with the exception of verified medical condition, disability, or sincerely held religious belief. Effective January 1, 2023. It provides for a penalty of an unspecified amount on an employer for any violation.


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LAF Legislative Advocacy Forum
The Simi Valley Chamber Legislative Advocacy Forum (LAF) meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month to discuss current legislation and its impact on businesses. Staff from the U.S. Congress, CA State Legislature, County of Ventura, City of Simi Valley, Education and Utilities attend these meetings. Join us for the next meeting on Wednesday, March 23rd at 8:00 AM in the Chamber. Zoom link for meeting here.

Legislative Corner
Federal Legislation Tracker
S. 1260 - United States Innovation and Competition Act - CHIPS for America Act
Provides funding for FY2022-FY2026 to support U.S. semiconductor manufacturing, research and development, and supply chain security; provides funding for wireless supply chain innovation. Status: Passed the Senate 68-32. Feinstein/Padilla voted "Aye"

HR 4728 - 32 Hour Work Week Act
Reduces standard work week from 40 hours to 32 hours. Pay overtime passed 32 hour work week. Status: Introduced in the House

HR 963 - FAIR (Forced Arbitration Injustice Repeal) Act of 2022
Prohibits a pre-dispute arbitration agreement from being valid or enforceable if it requires arbitration of an employment, consumer, antitrust, or civil rights dispute. Status: In House Judiciary Committee

CA Legislation Tracker
AB 1993 - Covid-19 Vaccination Requirement 1/1/23. Requires each employer to affirm that each eligible employee or independent contractor to show proof of vaccination against Covid-19, with the exception of verified medical condition, disability or sincerely held religious belief. It provides for a penalty of an unspecified amount on an employer for any violation. Status: In Assembly

AB 1761 - Workplace Flexibility Act of 2022. Permits an individual nonexempt employee to request an employee-selected flexible work schedule providing for workdays up to 10 hours/day within a 40-hour work week and would allow an employer to implement this schedule without the obligation to pay overtime compensation for those additional hours in a workday. Status: Referred to Assm Cmtee on Labor & Employment.

AB 1949 - Extended Bereavement Leave to 5 days within 3 months. Status: In Assm Labor & Employment Cmtee

AB 1949 - Prohibition of Online Retailer from using single use plastic pkg & require at-store recycling programs. This bill would prohibit an online retailer that ships purchased products in or into the state from using single-use plastic packaging on and after January 1, 2024 for large online retailers and on and after January 1, 2026 for small online retailers. The bill would prohibit a manufacturer, retailer, producer, or other distributor that ships purchased products in or into the state from using expanded or extruded polystyrene packaging to package or transport the products. The bill would require an operator of a store to establish an at-store recycling program that provides customers the opportunity to return clean plastic carryout bags and clean reusable bags to the store. Status: In Assm Nat Resources and Judiciary  Committee 

EDUCATION Legislation Tracker
SB 871 - Public Health: Immunization Requirement for Education. This bill removes the personal belief exemption from any additional immunization requirements deemed appropriate by the department. This bill removes exception relating to hepatitis B that full immunization against hepatitis B is not a condition by which the governing authority admits or advances a pupil to the 7th grade level of a public or private elementary or secondary school. The bill would additionally prohibit the governing authority of a school or other institution from unconditionally admitting any person as a pupil of any public or private elementary or secondary school, childcare center, day nursery, nursery school, family day care home, or development center, unless prior to their admission to that institution they have been fully immunized against COVID-19. To the extent that the bill would create new duties for school districts, the bill would impose a state-mandated local program. Status: Referred to Senate Health Comm.

MWD Legislation Tracker
SB 230 - Constituents of Emerging Concern in Drinking Water. Requires State Board to establish a dedicated program for 5 years to assess the state of information and recommend areas for further study on the occurrence of constituents of emerging concern (CEC) in drinking water. Requires the State Board to convene the Science Advisory Panel for 3 years to review and provide recommendations to the state board on CECs for further action. Status: Passed Senate 38-0, in Assembly