Departing to the South, final call...
In July of 2019, we opened our doors to the public with the focus on providing the very best simulator training equipment available to all Pilots at affordable rates. Since then, we have helped create several Instrument rated pilots, provided another revenue stream for independent CFI's, and promoted Aviation to the pilots of the future. We weathered Covid-19 through the Government mandated shutdowns, mask requirements, and ensuring you were safe at all times while in the facility.

Through the good and the bad, I tried to make it all work for as long I could with the hopes that my vision would take hold and everyone would realize how valuable the technology was to your flight training, safety, proficiency and aviation in general.

On Sunday, November 13, 2022 we will close our doors and cease operations. If you would like to schedule time for currency prior to our closure, please give the office a call. We have several times available between now and Sunday.

Through it all, I met so many amazing people and learned more from you all than I would have ever, otherwise. Meeting you all was the driving force in seeking the Commercial and CFI ratings. I would never have done all of this without you. You made that possible.

For this, I thank each and every one of you for supporting us over the past few years. Blue skies and tailwinds my friends.

-Mike Terruso, CFI, AGI+I

My Sim Academy is to become Inflight Technology! Inflight Technology is a service provider for Precision Flight Controls brand of Flight Simulators and your at home Flight Simulator consultants! If you have a PFC device or need assistance building your home flight simulator, please reach out to