October 21, 2021
Countywide Chambers
of Commerce Survey
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The 6 Chambers of Commerce in Kitsap County are asking the same question of our members to provide both local and countywide insight into what our business community is experiencing. If you are a member of multiple Chambers, please complete only one Chamber's survey for your business each week.
Results from Last Week's Survey:

Other than your website/social media, how
else do you advertise your business?
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5 Ways Your Customers
Win with You as a
Chamber Member
A chamber membership is an investment in your business. As an investment, you undoubtedly expect a return. While it’s easy to look at what you paid for membership and how many new customers were sent you way through the chamber and calculate your return that way, there’s more to it than just that. For instance, did you know that your customers receive multiple benefits from you being a chamber member and those benefits can increase their loyalty? Click here for 5 examples of how your customers win with your chamber membership.
Save-the-Date for Lift: Kitsap Women's Leadership Network
Wednesday, November 3, 2021, 11:45 am
Do you have a nagging feeling that you don’t belong? You’re not good enough? You don’t deserve the job, the promotion? This common feeling is present when women judge their performance worse than they objectively are while men judge their own as better.

Even the most successful women leaders have been unsure of themselves. We can't wait to hear from our panel of three prominent community leaders about their experience and strategies for channeling that healthy self-doubt into positive motivation. We’ll also have the opportunity to network and share our own stories and tactics.

  • Lieutenant Genie Elton (LK10), Kitsap County Corrections
  • Alexis Foster (LK16), City Prosecutor/Risk Manager, City of Poulsbo
  • Chris Rieland, CEO Pacific NW Title

Moderated by: Sarah Chamberlin (LK20)

Thank you to our Platform Sponsor: Watson Furniture Group

FEMA: International ShakeOut Day
The western United States is full of beautiful mountains, coastlines, and parks that offer wonderful recreation and adventure. While it’s great to be planning for that next adventure, residents and visitors in the west should be planning for the possibility of an earthquake.

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