October 14, 2021
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Washington State
Ferries Announce
More Service Cuts
The Washington State Ferry Wenatchee heads for Bainbridge Island's Eagle Harbor on Friday, Sept. 4, 2020. Meegan M. Reid/Kitsap Sun
Washington State Ferries has announced plans to cut back service throughout the ferry system beginning Saturday "to provide more predictable and reliable travel," pointing to what it said were "severe staff shortages."

Starting Oct. 16, the ferry system plans to run only one boat on Kitsap runs from Bainbridge Island to Seattle and from Kingston to Edmonds. The Southworth-Vashon Island-Fauntleroy route will operate with two boats instead of its usual three. The Bremerton-Seattle run has already been running with just one boat for weeks. Other routes in the system will also see reduced service.

WSF didn't identify when service would be brought back but called the changes "temporary" and said it would "continue to evaluate and strive to return additional boats back into service on a daily basis."

Retaining the Best
Workers with Your Workplace Culture
How many people do you know or have heard about that have quit jobs because of the work environment? Many of these people are hard workers, but now in having the opportunity to stay home for awhile, have had time to reflect and rethink work.

Many people who quit jobs did so not only because of stimulus checks or collecting unemployment during the pandemic, but because they realize the job they were at was a miserable soul sucking experience that they no longer had to put up with.

Gallup research tells us that approximately 70% of the time when people quit, it is due to the manager or supervisor and the environment that was created as a result of their lack of leadership, their treatment of them and/or others, unrealistic expectations, or poor people skills. For some the environment lacked purpose or meaning and others simply felt so unappreciated or taken advantage of that they too decided the paycheck was no longer worth it.

Still others were asked to put their own lives at risk in service to others during a pandemic with so many unknowns to health and safety, and employers who were not willing to put employee safety first may have contributed also to the throngs of people leaving their traditional employment in search of greener pastures or just some badly needed rest.

If you are a store owner, or organizational leader, what can you do to turn the tides, that when the employee pool begins to return you can become the irresistible place to work? In other words why would anyone want to work for you and your business? You must be able to answer that from the employee experience perspective.

Crafting Bonus Programs as a Hiring Strategy
In the war for talent, companies are pulling out all the stops. New benefit plans to include pet care for instance, making their remote work/hybrid work environment plan more permanent than just a pandemic thing, and focused discussions with potential candidates about the culture of the organization are just some of the offerings. Another tool used heavily right now: bonuses.

All types of bonuses are being discussed in company advertising these days – signing bonuses and referral bonuses are among the most popular. Look at almost any blanket hiring ad right now online, or on social media, and you’ll find that the company is offering some additional incentive for employees to come to work. Some may think it’s as simple as just “throwing more money out there,” but there really should be more thought given to offering bonuses in order to get people to work.

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