Newsletter August 2021
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Up Coming Events
Integrity 2 Person Team Shoot

Saturday August 28th

Fun Shoot - 200 Clays -

3 Teams Per Time Slot

Buster Day True Pair Shoot

Saturday September 18th

Annual Fun Shoot - 120 Clays -

In Remembrance of Don Day's Father - Buster.

Last Months Events
Stampede Grand Slam
July 10th & July 11th
Registered NSCA and/or CNSCA

Thanks to all the shooters that came out to this year's Stampede Grand Slam event. It is always a great shoot with a lot of participation in NSCA, CNSCA and Hunter Class. The clays were truly BLAZING for all shooters.
July 10th Congratulations to Fred White with a HOA of 107/120
July 11th Congratulations to Bob Ferguson with a HOA of 109/120
Don Day congratulating Ken Kupsch for a HOA overall of 210/240
Great Shooting Guys!!
Junior Learn To Shoot
This year's annual Junior Learn to Shoot was a very successful Sold Out event. Due to Covid restrictions in May we moved this year's event to July. Every Sunday afternoon there were 4 time slots in which the Juniors went out in groups of 4 to experience the fun and excitement of blasting some clays. A HUGE thank-you to all your Silver Willow Guides and Instructors who volunteered their time to share their passion for the sport.
The Day and Co. Feature of the Month
Maxus 2 Sporting Carbon Fiber

Next time your out at Silver Willow come and visit the Gun Counter and check out Our Newest Demo Gun the
Maxus 2

It is New for 2021 – Proven gas-operated autoloading shotgun with additional enhancements to improve performance. New composite stock with Soft Flex cheek pad, Inflex Recoil Pad, oversized controls and new magazine cap.

Not just for the range. With superior shooting comfort, a great trigger and intuitive handling, there isn't a better autoloading shotgun for sporting clays than the Maxus II. Just don't let the sleek hydrodipped carbon fiber finish and modernized styling trick you into thinking this is a shotgun only for the range. The Sporting Carbon Fiber is ready to swing onto clay targets, waterfowl and upland birds with equal ease.   

For a complete overview of the Maxus 2 please click here to view
Choose Day & Co.
 for all your shotgun and shooting accessory needs
If there is a type or style of shotgun you're interested in
call Josh or Don at 403-337-2490 or email them at or

We would ask all members & their guests, Please Do Not Feed Kwatalli Any Treats. He is allergic to something and we are trying to find out what it is. We appreciate everyone for understanding our situation with him and thanks for your help with getting him healthy!!
Canadian Firearms Safety Course
Non Restricted Course

Saturday, August 14th - registration deadline -
August 11th
Course time 8:00 am till 4:00 pm
(at minimum), 
Individual testing 4:00 - 7:00pm (approximately) 
$195.00 + GST, includes: coffee, tea and water.
OR register for both courses at $295.00 + GST

Upcoming Course Dates -
September 25th, Courses are not available in October
Restricted Course
Sunday, August 15th - registration deadline - August 11th 
Course time 8:00 am till 12:00 pm (at minimum), 
Individual testing 12:00 - 2:30pm (approximately)
 $150.00 + GST, includes: coffee, tea and water. 

OR register for both courses at $295.00 + GST 

Level 1 Instructors Course
Silver Willow will be hosting our 5th Level I Instructor course on October 15/16/17, 2021.

The Level I course is designed to provide competent, experienced shooters with the knowledge and ability they need to teach the fundamentals of shotgunning to beginning or novice shooters. The eligibility requirements for
----------------------------------the course are:

  • Be an active member of NSCA
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have at least two years of shotgun shooting experience
  • Have taken lessons (2 hours) from Level II or equivalent before the course
  • Meet the Shooting Proficiency Requirement by EITHER having earned an NSCA C-Class rating at some point and shot a minimum of 3,000 lifetime registered targets OR by passing a basic Shooting Proficiency Test (SPT) during the course.

The class is limited to 12 participants. You can reserve your position on the course by registering online by clicking this link. Introducing new shooters to the clay target sports in a safe and enjoyable way is a rewarding experience. If you are interested or would like to learn more about this training, please contact Luther at
Level ll Instructors Course
Silver Willow will be hosting their 1st Level II Instructor Certification course from September 30 to October 2, 2021

The Level II Instructor is someone who has proven to have strong diagnostic skills and a good grasp of the mental aspect of the game required for success in competitive events. Level II Instructors help shooters develop a solid pre-shot routine, and to appreciate the value in pre-shot planning. Level II Instructors are those coaches who can improve the game of shooters up to the higher level competitors.

For further information and course requirements, contact Luther at
Guest Blog Article

Musings Of The Rookie - Sharing the Journey Author: Rob Ridley

Musings - 5 Things

Are you still looking for the great secret? Maybe that Trijicon illuminated sight for when you are shooting sporting clays at night? The Teflon butt pad that won’t snag on your vest when mounting? That talisman that aligns your chakra with your break point? Well, the great secret is that we’ve found about 1000 great secrets – maybe 10% of which are of any use. To guide your quest, I offer;

Five almost completely unrelated things you may want to try – or try again if it’s been a long time.

Feature Artwork for the Month
" Grandeur "
Is a 12 X 12 acrylic on birch wood panel (with 2 in sides, so no need to frame it.) This is painted from an image I capture on Two Jack Lake this spring kayaking in the Banff area, with the most incredible views of
Mount Rundle. 
I was juried in to participate in the Square Foot Show.
This painting and four others will be in their online original art sale on August 4th. At 6:00 pm Mountain Time. 

All the paintings are 12 X 12 in. (thus the name) and is sold for $300.00!! 

There is 70 artist represented all submitting 5 paintings, so there is lots to choose from. Look up the Square Foot Show on Instagram or on their website. Be ready with your selection right at 6:00 pm because if history repeats itself, they sell out quick!! This show features mostly abstract works and some impressionistic works like mine. 
Life is a journey with problems to solve and lessons to learn
but most of all…. Experiences to enjoy!!
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Winter Course - 14 Stations 
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