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What if the future of room signs is NOT digital?

Want fast, contactless space booking on your own phone for meeting rooms and other shared spaces? No need to buy room signs and install. No apps to download. No hassle. Use your own smartphone to see if a space is available, see the schedule, book it, find available rooms and much more. Get all the functionality of a room sign without having to purchase hardware or worry about how to provide power and network to shared spaces. Signage ONE's Smart QR Room Reservation Signs are more efficient, more flexible, and even more cost effective.

With Signage ONE's Smart QR Room Reservation Signs, spaces are set up in a cloud-based platform and QR codes are utilized near meeting rooms, desks, and other shared spaces to let users quickly scan to book. There are no additional apps or software to install- users simply use their smartphone camera. With Augmented Reality technology, space booking is faster than any software system and gives users an immersive experience using a contactless solution. And because there are no room signs or cabling, it saves significant screen and installation costs, and supports sustainability efforts. Get all the benefits of a digital room sign, without the infrastructure cost.

You can scan the QR code on the sign to see if a room is available to book, view amenities, and can see 3-D previews to ensure the space suits your needs prior to booking.

If a space is busy, you can search and book nearby spaces without having to walk around and scan another QR Code. Have access to multiple rooms!

Book spaces with name, time, and an optional 4 digit pin. Easily extend booking, end it early, or cancel altogether. All data is immediately shared with your Office 365 Calendar.

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Signage ONE replaces old, unattractive paper notices with modern solutions that perfectly integrate with your organization's branding. There's fast, contactless space booking that can be done on your own phone for meeting rooms and other shared spaces.

  • Get all the features of a room sign without the expense
  • No special hardware required; no apps to download
  • Let people book spaces using their own device (BYOD)
  • Uses native AR smartphone tech and simple QR codes
  • See availability, schedules, capacity, amenities and more
  • Book, extend and end reservations on your smartphone
  • Search for and book other available spaces on the spot
  • Eliminate slow webpage and app authentication services
  • Integrates seamlessly with Office 365 to avoid double bookings
  • Reduce waste and energy consumption for sustainability

From Digital touchscreen signs, to e-paper, or Smart QR Signs, Signage ONE can deliver the right solution to fit your organization's needs.

Types of Room Signs


Signage ONE's Smart QR Room Reservation Signs gives you all the features of room signs without any hardware, cabling, or apps. Use your own smartphone to scan the QR code to see if space is available, view the schedule, book it, find available rooms, and much more. No downloading or logging into anything!


This low-cost wireless solution is powered by batteries that last over 3 years, mount easily on multiple surfaces, and show schedules from Exchange, Office 365, EMS, Google Calendar, and more. Custom faceplates match your branding and can show schedules, logos, QR codes and more.


This solution lets you show icons for room resources with the ability to report issues, and provides analytics and reporting for room usage and more. Customize an image-based slide show to keep your audience updated! Supports Exchange, Office 365, EMS, and more.

There's no limit to the type of spaces you can add to the Signage ONE Smart QR Reservation System. So consider every space that might need reservations: Collaboration spaces, huddle spaces, parking spaces, personal lockers, bike racks, etc.

Benefits of Digital Room Signs

Real-time updates

Unlike traditional paper signs, digital room signs can be updated in real time, ensuring that the displayed information is always accurate. This is particularly useful in dynamic environments with frequently changing schedules.

Enhances Efficiency

Digital room signs streamline the room booking and reservation process, reducing the risk of double-bookings or scheduling conflicts. Users can check availability and reserve rooms directly from the sign, saving time and effort.

Integration Capabilities

Many digital room sign systems can be integrated with calendar and scheduling software, enabling automatic synchronization of bookings and updates. This integration minimizes administrative overhead and ensures consistency.

Customizable and Flexible

These signs often allow for customization in terms of branding, color schemes, and layout, ensuring they blend seamlessly with the overall design and aesthetics of the facility.

Interactive Features

Advanced digital room signs may offer touchscreens, which allow users to interact with the display, check additional information about a meeting or event, or make last-minute changes to the schedule.

Analytics and Insight

Some digital room sign systems collect data on room usage, booking patterns, and user behavior. This data can be valuable for optimizing space utilization and improving resource allocation.

Resource Management

When booking rooms, users can see icons to available resources such as projectors, seating, conference phone, and more. This feature also allows users to report to IT or facilities for repairs or updates, creating a permanent record of resource repairs, that allow for better purchasing equipment and resource planning for future users.

Cost Savings

While there is an initial investment in installing digital room signs, they can lead to long-term cost savings by reducing the need for printed signs and administrative work related to managing room bookings.

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