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Add Two years to your pet's life
Our pets mimic us in so many ways that it is not surprising that they copy our number one controllable health risk---obesity.

Extra weight adds stress to bodies that can result in the development of :
        Joint damage
             Heart disease
                  Breathing difficulties
   Loss of stamina
         Heat stroke/exhaustion
              Liver damage
                  Anesthesia risk
   Digestive issues
         Decreased immunity
               Skin problems

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What Makes
Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation


                    Giving You Time To Say Goodbye

We are never ready to say goodbye to our beloved pet. When that time arrives, it is important that your family has the chance to say a final goodbye.

Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation helps ease this difficult transition by offering a time for you and your family to say one special and final farewell to your precious pet. The peaceful environment created by soft music and a soothing waterfall provide for a comfortable atmosphere for you and your family.  This time spent with your companion often helps bring comfort during such a sad and difficult time and can often help to mend a broken heart.

If a family member is away when the death occurs, Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation can hold the body until that family member has a chance to come and say goodbye.

Call anytime for information or assistance,  412-220-7800.

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This Month's Featured Memorial
Stone Markers

As summer approaches and you are enjoying beautiful blooms in your flower bed and the smell of a freshly mowed lawn,  you may be reminded of your beloved pet who used to love to frolic in the sunbeams.  You may begin to think, "How can I pay tribute to my precious companion?"  These Stone Markers may be just the perfect memorial.

A memorial stone is perfect to place in a garden in remembrance of your beloved companion. It can be placed atop a buried cremains or used to mark the final resting place of a .family pet who was buried long ago. You may also like to see it surrounded by your flowers, simply as a sentimental reminder of a loved one who has passed.

Made of resin and measuring approximately 14”X 8”, this memorial will be a loving tribute to your furry friend. Available in either “Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.”(as pictured above) or “Best friends come in all breeds, and forever hold a place in your heart” (not pictured).

If you have questions or would like to purchase a stone,
  please call Deb at  412-220-7800 .

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