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Everyone is invited to join

33 Days to Morning Glory
"Do-it-yourself" Retreat

A Preparation
for Total Consecration
to Jesus through Mary

Based on Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC’ s book & DVDs

Our preparation for our Marian Consecration is through a self-guided retreat which starts on Friday, Oct 19, 2018
and ends on Tuesday, Nov 20, 2018

On Wednesday, November 21, 2018, on the Feast of the Presentation of Our Lady, we will offer our formal Act of Consecration to Jesus thru Mary. This will be during our Thanksgiving Vigil Parish Mass at 7:45pm.
The preparation for this consecration involves the following:
  1. Thirty three days of daily readings & prayers from Fr Gaitley's book, "33 Days to Morning Glory". Typically, participants spend about 3-5 minutes each day prayerfully reading the day’s reflections from the book, responding to questions in a workbook, and “pondering in the heart” all the reflections of the day, as Mary did.
  2. Weekly gathering for 5 Fridays (beginning Oct 19) to watch Fr. Michael Gaitley's instructional videos.
  3. This is followed by small group sharing and short exhortation & prayers led by Fr Joseph.
Fr Michael Gaitley, MIC, author of 33 DAYS TO MORNING GLORY,
and our retreat master!

Fr. Gaitley’s reflections in his book are based on the teachings of the following saints:
St. Louis de Montfort

St. Maximilian Kolbe
Mother Teresa of Calcutta
St. Pope John Paul Il

St. Louis de Montfort has said that the "surest, easiest, and most perfect means” to becoming a saint is through the Total Consecration.
The basic premise of Total Consecration is simply that Jesus came into the world through Mary and that for us to be truly close to Jesus, it is best to go through Mary.
If you have not been formally consecrated to Jesus thru Mary, this is the time to do it!

If you have already been consecrated, there is always more in going deeper and entrusting yourself entirely to Jesus thru Mary.

Fr. Joseph has been leading the parish to a yearly consecration (and reconsecration) for the past 5 years.

Now is the time for you to join!

But why are we doing this parish retreat at this time when we are already in the midst of our 9-week Life in the Spirit Seminar?

Because our Blessed Mother Mary is the Spouse of the Holy Spirit!
Our Total Consecration will help prepare us for our Baptism/Renewal in the Holy Spirit.

Who knows better to prepare our hearts to receive the Holy Spirit and come closer to Jesus?!

St. Maximilian Kolbe said:
"The Holy Spirit manifests his share in the work of Redemption through the Immaculate Virgin who, although she is a person entirely distinct from him, is so intimately associated with him that our minds cannot understand it... it remains true to say that Mary's action is the very action of the Holy Spirit" (Miles Immaculatae).
Watch three 2-minute segments of Fr Gaitley's videos below .

What is Marian consecration and why should we do it?
The goal of the Marian Consecration is God. Mary is just our conduit.
The essence of Marian Consecration is to give Mary our YES to use her full motherly power to form us into saints .
Sign up to participate in our 33 DAYS TO MORNING GLORY retreat by calling the office 973-623-0258, or by filling the registration forms in the Church entrances.

Note: There is no charge for the retreat itself except for actual cost of the book (Discounted at $8 ).

337 South Orange Ave, Newark NJ 07103
Rev. Joseph A. Meagher (Pastor)