Thursday, March 23, 2023

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Attract More Customers
for Your New Business
Starting a new business is difficult under the best circumstances. But in today's economic climate, it's difficult to make a name for yourself when most people are trying desperately to cut back on expenses. Yet, you shouldn’t get discouraged. There are easy (and free) ideas out there that can help. Here are three tips to bring in more customers as a brand-new business.

Imposter Syndrome - Why Some Suffer from this
More than Others
Published on, March 21, 2023
Photo: Jonathan Knowles/Getty Images

Placing the blame on individuals has allowed workplace and school environments to ignore the influence of unconscious bias, systemic racism, and discrimination in enabling imposter syndrome.

When you’re growing up, you progressively get more confident in your ability to do difficult things: read a harder book, play a tougher sport, or join the conversation at the grown-ups’ table.

But anyone who’s been a teenager knows that learning and confidence curves are not linear—nor do they always run in parallel. In fact, for many people, the more you progress, the more you start to question your achievements.

“Is it really because I’m talented? Or is it just luck, over-preparation, or even privilege?”

Legislators Eye Changes to Laws for Ferry-Building
Published in the Kitsap Sun, March 22, 2023
Photo: Meegan M. Reid/Kitsap Sun

A pair of newly introduced bills in the Legislature would open up competition for construction of the next generation of Washington State Ferries vessels to shipyards outside the state.

The state had begun a process to find a contractor to start work on the next five state ferries after negotiations with shipbuilder Vigor Industrial broke down last year. WSF spokeswoman Suanne Pelley told the Kitsap Sun on Tuesday that the agency was closing in on getting a request for proposals out the door to solicit contractors but has put that process on hold in light of the pending legislation.

Current state law requires that state ferries be built in Washington, but a provision allows for vessels to be built outside the state if all bids the state receives are more than 5% higher than an engineer's estimate. Were that to happen, the state’s Department of Transportation would then be required to reject all proposals and begin soliciting bids that weren't subject to the in-state requirement.

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