JUNE 2018
Happy 20th Birthday to Shumla!
Note from the Director

Hello, Shumla friends!  Since you are receiving this eNews, that means you have more than a passing familiarity with us. You know that we are a happy, hard-working bunch whose dedication to the achievement  of our mission knows no bounds. We love what we do. We do it well. Day-by-day we are actively preserving the oldest known "books" in North America. That's enough for us. 

Sometimes, though... it sure is nice to be recognized for a job well done. At this year's Rancher Steward BBQ and 20th birthday celebration, we received a surprise gift, a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition! It was bestowed by Carmen Gutierrez of Representative Will Hurd's office. The certificate honors Shumla, our staff, volunteers, donors and friends for twenty years of passion and dedication to the preservation of the art of the Lower Pecos.

Twenty years and we're just getting started. But before we rush back off into the field, join me for a moment to bask in this milestone. You also get the credit. We wouldn't be here without you and your gifts to Shumla. Thank you!

All the very best,

Let's Party!
Shumla's annual Rancher Steward BBQ had a birthday twist this year.

Ranchers Miles, Heather and Pasch Gibbs and Reed Hunt have their picture taken with Shumla's silly props.

Each year, Shumla invites the landowners and agency stewards of the Lower Pecos Canyonlands to our Harrington Campus to play with spear-throwers and rabbit-sticks, eat great BBQ and hear about what Shumla is up to. 

This year was extra special because we got to celebrate our 20th birthday with our dear friends in the community. Here are some pictures of our awesome day together. 

Jack Johnson, Archaeologist at Amistad National Recreation Area, shows Chatham Hunt how to use an atlatl spear-thrower while Eric Durbin and David Bradbury from Border Patrol look on.

Shumla Board VP Lacy Finley hands out Shumla birthday cake.

Cody, Lynette, Kacie and Courtney White listen to the Shumla presentation about the Alexandria Project.

Charles Koenig serves BBQ with a smile.

Karen Steelman enjoying the company and loading up on good Texas BBQ before heading off to Australia to collaborate with rock art researchers there. 

Full tummies, full hearts.

Proud winner of the raffle prize, an RTIC cooler with the Shumla logo on it and some tasty items to go inside!

Catching up with family and friends is the best part of the day!

Our pavilion runneth over. 

Steward of the Year Award

This year we decided to begin an annual tradition that we're calling the  Steward  of the Year Award. With this award we intend to specifically recognize a community-member, landowner or steward who has gone above and beyond in their protection of the rock art and their support of Shumla's efforts. This year's award went to two people who have watched over arguably one of the most unique rock art sites in the Lower Pecos for almost all of their lives - the Lewis Canyon Petroglyph site. We recognized Howard and Marilyn Hunt, lifetime residents of Val Verde County. Howard and Marilyn have instilled a legacy of stewardship for the land and the rock art that their children carry on.

Shumla Lifetime Achievement Award

As it was our 20 th birthday, we also felt inclined to give a very special award, the  Shumla Lifetime Achievement Award. Twenty years ago when Carolyn came to Comstock she was met by Jack and Missy Harrington with open arms. Twenty years ago they believed in us, and they gave of themselves, their talents, and their resources to make our dream a reality. Shumla would have never been able to get off the ground if it weren't for Missy and Jack Harrington and we thank them from the very bottom of our hearts.

We're Moving! 

If you saw our March eNewsletter you know we're moving into a new Headquarters building in Comstock. We couldn't be more excited for the added space! 

You'll remember that the building was a bit rough around the edges, but with the help of some generous donors, we are almost finished painting, flooring and preparing for the move!

Below are some before and afters. More pictures of the new HQ to come! If you'd like to contribute the move too, we need $200 per hour x 5 hours to fund professional movers to get the biggest, heaviest stuff moved. Contribute here! Thank you!

Before and after in the new office space.

Before and after in the new Archaeochemistry Lab.

Sometimes it's hard to admit when you need help...  But we do!

How can I help Shumla?

Our greatest need is the money to fund our preservation programming and operations. Donate to Shumla here!

Make Shumla your benefiting charity on AmazonSmile  and  Shumla will receive .5% of your purchase amount at no extra cost to you! 

Visit Shumla's Amazon Wish List  to make our wishes come true. 

Thank you for supporting us!

The land, the art, the team, the mission. 

Shumla in Action
Watch Shumla in action.

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