Volume 7, Number 3     

May 2015

Shumla Scholar, Lily Mejia, says read your Shumla eNews!

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Shumla Scholars Soar!
Shumla Scholar, Emilee Rottman, works with ArcGIS.

On May 19th, the Shumla Scholars had their last class meeting for the school year. Everyone celebrated with pizza and ice cream before the kids gave presentations about all that they accomplished this year in our class. 


This year, Shumla Scholars learned to use a total data station and completed a survey for their school greenhouse. They learned how to organize data once it was collected and use it to draw practical and scientific conclusions. They used a DSLR camera for high-res photography. They learned to problem solve when directions led them astray. They mapped the Comstock Cemetery in ArcGIS - a very sophisticated Geographical Information System. They even operated a drone aircraft!

Overall the group gained a sense of comradery as they tackled the task of documenting the Comstock Cemetery and starting a greenhouse for the school. 

Our Shumla Staff Archaeologist, Vicky Munoz said, "Just from interacting with the kids a couple times a week for the past year, we know how much they can accomplish when they put their heads together. We can't wait to hear about all the great things that they will accomplish in the future."

Emilee Rottman and Jose Lara are ready for anything after their time in the Shumla Scholar's program.

Shumla Welcomes Intern
Lindsay Vermillion 


Lindsay is an upper division undergraduate student at Texas State University working towards her B.A. in Anthropology, with a focus in Archaeology. She is the Vice President of the Experimental Archaeology club, where she was first introduced to the Lower Pecos Canyonlands.


After attending the Texas Archeological Society meetings in the fall and hearing Shumla's presentation, she was inspired to apply for an internship with Shumla. Lindsay would like to focus on learning different preservation strategies while promoting public outreach. "I am excited to learn new methods used to document, record, and preserve rock art. I truly hope to see the entire process from start to finish and be able to draw connections from the past, through learning the various styles of rock art and Shumla's state-of-the-art documentation methods."  

Lindsay previously volunteered for the Ancient Southwest Texas Project and became increasingly interested in the surrounding area while working in and visiting Lower Pecos rock shelters and rock art. She stated, "It seemed like an entirely different world. I am very excited to be interning for Shumla this summer so that I may delve deeper into that world."

Welcome, Lindsay! We're excited to have you!


Lindsay hard at work in Eagle Cave with the Ancient Southwest Texas Project



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