National Foster Care Awareness Month

May is National Foster Care Awareness Month! By engaging with youth, A Sense of Home helps build strong support systems and creates opportunities for those we serve to access resources, connect with one another, pay it forward, and advocate for foster youth. Join us in celebrating this special month as we work towards a brighter future for all children and youth in foster care.

Support ASOH by shopping with these local partners who are generously donating funds and home goods in the month of May!

Shop Pizza Girl

"We loved creating a home for Diane and Jayce and will continue to support this incredible organization that gives young adults a safe and special place to begin to build their lives!"

-Caroline D’Amore, The Pizza Girl 

We had the pleasure of being joined by Caroline and the Pizza Girl to help create a home for Diane and her son Jayce. Click the video below to watch the heartwarming transformation.

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