April 2023

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From Texas to South Carolina and the team rolls on...

Highlights from the

Field Team

Simpsonville MHP

  • 26 Volunteers
  • 113 Meals Served
  • 72 Improvements
  • 33 Homes Helped
  • 6 Decks Built
  • 7 Decks Repaired

“What a difference new skirting and paint can do for a home! I love it when people say, ‘It looks like I have a brand new home!’ Or ‘Wow, I almost drove right past my own house because I didn't recognize it!’" — LP

Every community is different, and each job takes on a life of its own due to those differences. That’s what the Impact Cares team thrives on, the challenges presented through the uniqueness of each community and the amazing new relationships they know will be formed. Traveling from town to town soaking up the scenery and enjoying the sights is just one of the benefits of this job. We love the journey, but the best part is at each destination - the community, the people, and the volunteers – it’s for the blessings; to bless and be blessed. It’s for the people; it’s our mission, our goal.

And when the challenges arise, “Our solution is to do what we do and find the one’s we are meant to find. Mission accepted.” — DS

We have had the pleasure of blessing a lot of those ‘meant to be found’ people and Simpsonville was no different. Some of the residents worked alongside us, some volunteers learned a new skill, new friendships were created, and at the end of the day everyone was fully blessed. Some of the homes in Simpsonville received critical repairs and others really looked brand new again. Either way all the work was done with our main goal in the forefront - Blessing People – that’s it, that's what we do, we help and bless people. The bi-product of keeping our eyes on the goal? People get helped, homes get repaired, communities get strengthened, and new relationships are formed. 

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it." - Steve Jobs

Before Impact Cares did their magic...

Click here to see the after picture of this home and more!

Resident/Volunteer Spotlight

Gene did so much work inside as well as outside during our time here. He helped paint Allen's home and he helped skirt Allen's home as well. He helped us build his deck. He tore out and hauled away the old deck. He has raked and raked and cleaned up his yard. He helped remove and haul away his skirting. It is a joy to work alongside residents like him. Great job, Gene.

Hero Spotlight

In our work in Mobile Home Communities, we meet some very special people. Those people that love their neighbors and want to make a difference in their neighborhoods. Those special people that are most often never noticed or recognized. Christopher is one of those distinctive people. And according to the CM where he lives he deserves to be recognized for showing essential community kindness. Read Chris's story here.

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