Thursday, May 18, 2023

Chamber Weekly Survey
Your Greater Kitsap Chamber wants to know:
Would an increase in local fast ferry
service help your business?
Please select the best answer for you and your business.
Yes, Silverdale to Bremerton to Seattle service would help
Yes, Bremerton to Bainbridge service would help
Yes, additional fast ferry sailings from Bremerton to Seattle would help
No, fast ferry service does not help me or my business
No, only additional WA State Ferry sailings could serve my business better
These questions are part of a series the GKC will be running over the next several weeks to gauge the experience our members have had with the Washington State Ferry system. If you have additional comments you would like to share on your experience at any time, please contact us at
*Survey questions are run for at least 2 weeks to capture all of our readers.
The Greater Kitsap Chamber is committed to learning how best
to serve our business membership and community. Your participation
in poll questions like these help us to work better for you!
Washington Lawmakers Reach Drug Policy Deal
Published in The Seattle Times, May 16, 2023
Photo: Karen Ducey/The Seattle Times

After a whirlwind one-day special session, Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bill into law Tuesday that will raise the state’s penalty for drug possession to a gross misdemeanor and criminalize public drug use.

The new law was a hard-fought compromise after lawmakers’ stunning failure to get a deal done last month. It also marks a turning point as communities wrestle with a substance-use crisis and the fallout from the state Supreme Court’s Blake decision in 2021, which ruled the state’s felony drug possession law unconstitutional.

4 Ways to Build Your Following on Social Media
Building a following on your desired platform on social media requires a bit of luck but there are some things you can do to help that luck (and other users) find your profile. But sadly, those things probably don’t have a lot to do with your business.

It seems like an oxymoron to tell you that to stand out you should be like everyone else. However, the crowd responds to familiarity, and that creates connections. So, if you can play with something people recognize and yet do it in a way that's all your own, you'll make an impression and build an audience on social media.

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