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Presidential candidates may be forced to disclose tax returns thanks to new Colorado ballot proposal
The Denver Post
Similarly, I've written a bill (S.365) to compel presidential candidates to disclose taxes to get on ballot in MA.
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Studies show  carbon pricing will save lives and generate $3 billion in health benefits.

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Dear Friend,
Earlier this year, Sheriff Thomas Hodgson of Bristol County -- Fall River, New Bedford and towns thereabouts -- offered to have the inmates of his county jail work on President Trump's proposed border wall. This would mean sending prisoners -- many of whom are serving short sentences for relatively minor offenses -- nearly 3,000 miles away.  I object. 
In response to the Sheriff's intentions, I've submitted "An Act protecting inmate safety and the expenditure of state funds" (S.1279).  It would require county sheriffs to submit a plan, prepare a budget, and gain the approval of key state officials before sending inmates beyond our borders and away from drug and alcohol counseling, job training programs, and contact with family.  I can envision state officials consenting to the occasional special case for out-of-state travel: if Rhode Island were to experience a natural disaster, Bristol County inmates in nearby Fall River might be in a good position to help out.  But bonafide emergencies such as these would be rare.
I testified in support of S.1279 at a crowded hearing of the Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee.  It's drawing strong positive reactions.  Most people don't like the idea of sending inmates to the Mexican-U.S. border to advance Mr. Trump's political purposes, at a time when offenders are paying their debts to society but also preparing -- we hope -- to rejoin it.


  Sen. Mike Barrett
A 200th birthday celebration

I went to the woods because I wished to... wish Henry David Thoreau a happy 200th birthday! Thanks to Thoreau's detailed notes on subjects like the leafing-out of trees, the return of migrating birds, and the ice melt of Walden Pond, we can see the sobering effects of climate change today.

"Thank you, Henry. We are in your debt, we are beginning to understand the gravity of what you uncovered, and we mustn't let you down."

Roll over Big Auto, Big Bike's movin' in!

It was a pleasure to MC the ground-breaking for construction of Phase 2C of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail, laid down atop what used to be the Framingham & Lowell line of the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad (got that?).  Time to shift commutes off the roads and onto the trails....

 July 4th celebrations
On a beautifully sunny day, I marched alongside fellow Americans in Chelmsford's 50th consecutive July 4th parade. 

Big tip of the hat to the Chelmsford Parade Committee for organizing a fantastic event.