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Shining a Light on Holy Spirit Horse Farm

Again, this year, Team Anewalt’s will light up the Holy Spirit Horse Farm and Horse Sanctuary in Wernersville through our Spruce It Up Lights & Winter Décor service. It brings everyone involved joy to shine a light on an organization which works so hard to enhance the lives of both people and animals.

The Spruce It Up pros light up two large barns and three horse run-in buildings, plus a giant linden tree at the sanctuary.

Holy Spirit’s Rebecca Wright said, “on a literal side, the lights are great for feeding at night.  I can actually see what I'm doing. That being said, the lights create a warm atmosphere that is calming, peaceful, and all around pleasant. Everyone loves the ambience they bring to the farm and how it adds to the environment that's already there.”

The farm and sanctuary, officially founded as a 501 c-3 in 2017, began as a haven for horses that were either sick or verging on homelessness, but grew both in the size of their facilities and the services offered to both animals and people.

A heartbreaking need was realized in the surrounding area for help with unwanted aging horses, suffering horses, and off-track thoroughbreds, not to mention other farm animals and small pets. The programing at the sanctuary grew to include regular riding lessons, and riding opportunities for individuals with special needs or traumas.

Spread Some Love This Valentine's Day!
“Anewalt’s is now partnering with the Holy Spirit Horse Farm. Join us in providing them with much needed items. Anewalt’s will be accepting donations until March 1 st, when we will deliver them to the Farm. Spread some Love!"
Here are some supplies they would need:
Paper Towels
Livestock Salt or Mineral Licks
Good Brooms
They always accept Gift Cards; we suggest Tractor Supply, one of Anewalt’s partners.

Today, Holy Spirit also offers school and scouting programs, day camps, parties, volunteer experiences, field trips, traveling pony rides, and wagon rides. And the staff’s passion to help horses is seen in ongoing efforts to find perfect homes for both horses and ponies who are candidates to leave the farm.

“For me personally, the farm has become my life, and it means so much more to me than just the animals and the work. It means caring for many others outside of myself, dedicating myself to a good cause, and taking an active role in my community”, explains Rebecca. “Those who seek solace here, including the horses, are met with a friendly and peaceful atmosphere that really does bring joy.”

Team Anewalt’s strives to bring joy to the community with our Lights & Winter Décor program, offering a custom design of your own home or business’s great outdoors to create an inviting winter landscape.

Our team was elated to spruce up the Holy Spirit Horse Farm. Their treatment and love of the animals is heartwarming and God-driven. Hopefully our lights make the farm sparkle just a little bit more! – Lori

For more information on Holy Spirit Farm and Sanctuary, go to HOLY SPIRIT FARM - Home (

For more information on Anewalt’s Lights & Winter Décor, go to Lights & Winter Décor – Anewalts Landscape Contracting,


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