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Embracing the Holiday Season Without Losing Yourself :

Mapping Out Purpose and Joy for 2024

This Packet is a Gift from Me to You

The holidays can consume us and leave us depleted and without vision, purpose, and sources of joy come January 1st. Give yourself peace of mind in 2024 by completing this fun and thought-provoking Life Mapping Packet giving you a roadmap to reimagine your life from every dimension enabling you to design a rich, textured, and more purposeful way of life. Living fully and authentically is never an accident. This is my gift to you to strive to live your best life filled with curiosity, joy, growth, and happiness as we approach the new year. Have fun this holiday season! - Your mission-driven purpose and vitality await you on January 1. I'll be right alongside you doing this mapping too.

Warmly, Hilary

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Kerri Rosenthal, is an award-winning interior designer, artist, and stylist, also known for her drippy hearts collection.

Thank you to Kerri and her team for hosting this book celebration.

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Beautiful spring blooming cactus plants in Sedona in Arizona.


believing that there will always be opportunities to make things better tomorrow, even if you are experiencing challenges today.........

Life and world events may be challenging and impacting our sense of optimism but research shows that it is the key ingredient to getting through challenging times, reducing stress and anxiety. We have a choice to build this resource that can, with practice be available to us in abundance when needed. In cultivating optimism, we learn to believe that when bad things happen, they won’t last forever and that the good in life will return! Seeing "The light" and hoping for a better future results in improved health, longer life, reduced anxiety, more fulfillment, and higher productivity.

According to Very Well Mind, Here are a few signs of how we can practice living with increased optimism.

Optimism Looks Like This

There are many key characteristics that optimists tend to share. Some signs include:

  • You feel that good things will happen in the future.
  • You expect things to work out for the best.
  • You feel like you will succeed in the face of life's challenges.
  • You feel that the future looks bright.
  • You think that even good things can come from adverse events.
  • You see challenges or obstacles as opportunities to learn.
  • You feel gratitude for the good things in your life.
  • You are always looking for ways to make the most of opportunities.
  • You have a positive attitude about yourself and others.
  • You accept responsibility for mistakes but don't dwell on them.
  • You don't let one bad experience muddy your expectations for the future.

    6 Tips on How to Be More Optimistic

  1. Notice good things as they happen.
  2. Train your mind to believe you can make good things happen in your life.
  3. Don't blame yourself when things go wrong.
  4. When something good happens, give yourself credit.
  5. Remind yourself that setbacks are temporary.
  6. Notice how other people talk about themselves.


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