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Shelf Stable: March 25
“Generally speaking, books don't cause much harm. Except when you read them, that is. Then they cause all kinds of problems .”
 – Pseudonymous Bosch
Hello readers,

Y ou know that book in your house. The one that you bought with a ton of excitement a few years ago. The one that your friend gave you, or your mom gave you, or your favorite person in your book club lent you. That book that came into your life with such excitement and promise and then...well. You put it down and there it stayed. Maybe you weren't in the mood at the moment or you had a ton of other books going (I certainly know how that is) or you were traveling and didn't want to bring it with you for whatever reason. You promised yourself you would get back to it.

And then...

You didn't. You were never in the right mood, it was never the right time, you always had another galley to read, and the book just sat there.

Not anymore. We are officially declaring Saturday, March 28 (the last Saturday in March going forward) #StartThatBookDay . Inspired by Open That Bottle Night from the wine world, #StartThatBookDay is your chance to...uh...Start that book! No more waiting for the perfect situation (because the perfect situation is never going to come). Some of our libromancers are already trying to decide what book they'll start .

On Saturday, send us pictures of you reading that book and tweet at us with the hashtag #StartThatBookDay. We'll celebrate our own impromptu bookish holiday.

Stay connected, stay well, and keep reading.
all the best, Josh @ PSB
Events We Missed
Need some inspiration?
If you know PSB at all, you know we're huge fans of Mo Willems. (We've probably thought more about his Elephant and Piggy series than anyone in the world BUT Mo, himself and even then... well, he probably never thought about it like this. ) Mo has started doing a Lunch Doodles from the Kennedy Center. Check out his most recent episode.
Our First YouTube Video
Did you know we had a YouTube channel before we started social distancing? Well, calling it a channel is a probably a bit much because it just had one video in it. But it's a good one! Here is Joe Hill in conversation with Stephen King at the Somerville Theater.
Up for a Little Fun?
Just because Shakespeare wrote King Lear and Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein (or the Modern Prometheus) while social distancing, doesn't it mean it has to be life defining plays and genre creating works. Furthermore, you think Will and Mary didn't kick back a bit too. (We know Mary certainly did!) Not like you can write all day. So here are some fun things we found to do on the internet.

Hogwarts Digital Escape the Room (Complete with almost too-on-nose corporate disclaimer.)
#FindThatLizard (A herpetologist's version of Where's Waldo)
Featured Staff Pick For Kids
American Royals by Katharine McGee

Everyone knows that when America won the Revolutionary War, its people offered General George Washington a crown—and he accepted it. This is how American Royals begins. Imagine a world where America is about to have its first queen regent, where the age of monarchies never ended, and where the love of a young woman is powerful enough to change history. A soapy, escapist blockbuster full of drama, scandals, and romance. Perfect for fans of Red, White, and Royal Blue and The Royal We !
-- Apr il
We want to hear from you! What are you gonna start on #StartThatBookDay?
A classic I somehow missed
The bookclub book for the meeting I had to miss
My mom's/dad's/sibling's favorite book
What was that one Josh was going on about? Maybe that one.
A book someone gave me as a present
The "hot new book" that was "hot" and "new" many years ago.
Audio Book Of The Month
Oona Out of Order by Margarita Montimore

" Oona Out of Order is a work of fiction that genuinely encouraged me to reflect upon my own mortality and the trajectory of my life. Oona wakes up on her birthday every year in a different part of her life. The difficulty this imposes is fascinating. Pop culture and music is ever-present, as Oona is a musician and chapter titles are taken from song titles or lyrics. What would it be to live your life out of order? To instinctively want to second guess and redo what you saw as failures? At the heart, Oona Out of Order is about mastering the art of living in the moment and it is a terribly fun romp."
-Rachel, Avid Bookshop
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