Welcome! Thank you for joining us in worship.


With friends and strangers, with family and neighbors, we gather:

Come among us, God of abundance, with that love which never ends.

With faith reaching out to touch, with hearts learning to trust, we hope:

Come among us, Friend of the broken, with your compassion which makes us whole.

With word and wonder, with silence and song, we wait:

Come among us, God of community, to lift us to our feet to follow you.

Click on the pictures below to access the inspiring worship videos. An offering invitation is located beneath the song, prayers, and sermon video links. Online offering or mailed checks, community service, and life group learning (small groups) are important to support our ministries. We thank God for you and the difference you make.

"Everlasting God"

(Opening song)

"Raise A Hallelujah"

(Song of reflection)

"God of abundance: Community of faith"

Rev. Yvonne Gilmore


"God's Story: Generosity"

(Children's Message)

"The Gift of Gving"

(Inspiring video)

Opening Prayer

Holy God, thank you for your steadfast love which surrounds us in every moment. We’re here, waiting…confident in your power to bring us into new life. We get so tangled up in the worries of our days, in the challenges of the world, in the news which sometimes seems so frightening. Hold us close in this hour, like a beloved friend who comes to allay our anxieties. 

Build us up through your Spirit and through this community of faith, so we might leave worship eager to share our assurance with others, and filled with gratitude for you. Amen.

Prayers of the People

Healer of ragged hopes

and tattered ideals;


of faint faith

and fractured creeds;


of listless lives

and limping love;

At evening,

before the sun is set,

lay your hands on us and heal us in the name of Jesus, amen.


2 Corinthians 8:7-15

7 Now as you excel in everything-in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in utmost eagerness, and in our love for you-so we want you to excel also in this generous undertaking. 8 I do not say this as a command, but I am testing the genuineness of your love against the earnestness of others.

9 For you know the generous act of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, so that by his poverty you might become rich. 10 And in this matter I am giving my advice: it is appropriate for you who began last year not only to do something but even to desire to do something. 11 now finish doing it, so that your eagerness may be matched by completing it according to your means. 12 For if the eagerness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has-not according to what one does not have.

13 I do not mean that there should be relief for others and pressure on you, but it is a question of a fair balance between 14 your present abundance and their need, so that their abundance may be for your need, in order that there may be a fair balance. 15 As it is written, "The one who had much did not have too much, and the one who had little did not have too little."

Gifts of generosity and grace

You may give gifts, tithes, and offerings online below or mail in a check to Grace Community Christian Church. Thank you for making space for the gifts of God to be shared within and beyond our walls this season. Your generous tithes and offerings, and the seeds you sow make a life changing difference.


Mark’s Gospel speeds along, crunching stories and time together with “immediately” as it describes many situations. The story of the woman, yearning for healing from her 12 year bleeding ailment, shows the nearly hopeless woman “immediately” healed. Jesus, also “immediately” felt power go out.

Twelve YEARS, and a touch which “immediately” gave back her health and her ability to re-connect with her community! What a gift. Her grateful reaction was to kneel before Jesus and declare what she’d experienced. What a gift for Jesus, the disciples, and the crowd!

Friends, what gift are you able to give as we come to our time of offering? What gifts are you able to commit over the next three years in celebration of our 30th anniversary to make a lasting difference for the next 30 years?

Your gifts of time, of talent, and of treasure are gifts which “immediately” help give the gift of life to this congregation and the ministries we share. Your campaign pledge will reverberate seeds of faith and grace for years to come.

Let’s present our gifts, eager for them to be translated into health, community, and deep gratitude.

Offering prayer

Giving God, you continue to provide us with the amazing gift of life. Today, please accept our gifts in this offering. Help us use them to enhance life, not only for this congregation, but for those whose lives we can touch, helping share enough food, enough safety, enough opportunity to live in the abundance you’ve designed for each and for all.  Amen

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Annual Congregational Meeting

Plan to Attend

June 30 following worship

Brunch Jam

Saturday, July 6

10 to 11:30am

 2770 Montgomery Road/Aurora, IL 60504

"Chosen and More Mixer"

Thursday, July 11 and 25 at 7pm on Zoom

It's more fun to eat pizza and watch a show with a friend or family member. Invite a family member or friend to eat, watch, and discuss The Chosen, the Critically-acclaimed TV Drama on 7pm central on July 11 and 25. Sign up here to receive delivery of a pizza for our bi-monthly "Chosen and More Mixer."  It's dangerous to read the Bible alone. We need the holy spirit and each other. The spirit and the words of the Bible come alive in a new way as depicted in The ChosenYou don't want to miss it. Join us!

Imagine a world with grace. Imagine a world with more love. More community. Learn more about the Grace Community Christian Church at www.graceccc.org.

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