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Saturdays 9am-12pm

The WFM is a producers-only, non-profit organization. It was established to provide a venue to sell farm-fresh, seasonal produce, and specialty items to the Waxhaw area. Shopping at our market is a great way to support local agriculture, promote sustainable farming practices, and enjoy fresh and delicious food.

*Keep in mind that the types of products available at the farmers market may vary depending on the season and weather conditions*

If you or someone you know would make a great fit as a vendor at our market, our application for 2024 can be found on our website: www.waxhawfarmersmarket.org

Also, if you are a business or just want to support the market, you can fill out an application to become a sponsor on our website as well.

Sharing Food Strengthens a Community

A farmers market is a community gathering space where people meet, interact, and build relationships. This interaction fosters a sense of community and belonging while supporting local agriculture. Farmer/Vendor-Customer connections happen which builds trust and transparency regarding food sources. This helps consumers make informed choices and fosters a greater appreciation for local agriculture and value added products.

New items will be found at the market this Saturday

Garlic Scapes: A garlic scape is the flower stalk of a garlic plant, specifically the hardneck variety. These curly, green stalks appear in late spring and early summer and are typically harvested to encourage the garlic bulbs to grow larger. Here are some key details about garlic scapes: they are long, thin, and green, resembling curly green onions or chives. They have a distinctive spiral shape. The flavor of garlic scapes is milder and slightly sweeter than garlic bulbs. They have a fresh, grassy note with a hint of garlic.

Spigarello: is an Italian leafy green vegetable closely related to broccoli and kale. It is often considered a wild or heirloom variety of broccoli. The plants have long, slender, blue-green leaves that resemble a cross between kale and broccoli leaves. The plant itself can grow quite tall, up to 2-3 feet. Unlike broccoli, spigarello does not form a central head but produces small, edible flower buds similar to broccoli raab. The flavor of spigarello is mild and slightly sweet, with a hint of broccoli and a subtle bitterness akin to kale. It has a tender texture when cooked.

Purple snap peas: have rounder, thicker pods compared to snow peas and are typically more similar in shape to traditional snap peas. The pods are a vibrant purple color. They have a sweet, crisp flavor that is similar to green snap peas but with a slightly different, more nuanced taste.


Only Service Dogs allowed inside of the market - thank you!


Vendors attending this Saturday

(click on their names to be directed to their social media or websites)

Farmers & Growers:

Boy & Girl Farm

DabHar Farm

Happy Pigs Farms

J Brooks Family & Farm

Piney Oak Farm

Sharonview Farm

Taylor Family Greenhouse

Todd & Williams Garden

Urban Gourmet Farms

Watsonia Farms

Specialty Vendors:

Artworks Pottery

Heaven Sent Wood Creations

Indulgence Candles

Sweet Leaves LLC

Food Vendors:

Baba & Pops Pierogies

Belgian Waffles on Wheels

Brew La La

Camp of the Saints Bakery

Dawn & Daughter Jams

De La Vega Tortillas

Grapes & Olives on Tap

Irresistible Foods

Jungle Cook

Tea Leaves & Pages

The Baker's Palette

The Frazzled Whisk

Place an order in advance to ensure your exact selection is available for you on Saturday. You can click on the vendor's name above or click on the link below to see the full list of vendors who offer preorder options:



Click HERE to find out!

Items being offered at the Info Booth:

Fruit: Strawberries from Bush N Vine Farm


Popcorn: Amish Country Popcorn

Grits: Farm & Sparrow & Carolina Grits Co.

Cornmeal: Carolina Grits Co.

Honey: Dancing Bees Farm

Honey Sticks: Better Bee

Nut butters: Coddle Creek Farms

Rice: Tidewater Grain

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