We didn't make it LIVE to Philly last week, but we certainly felt the LOVE, virtually! Congratulations to all the organizers, it looked like the show was a big success and here's hoping for a healthy new year and a big turn out for Expo West 2022.

This year's kickoff presentation delivered not only the state of the natural product industry, but the state of the world. it framed up beautifully why we're fortunate to work in an industry that is fundamental to helping solve the world’s most pressing problems. Not only does our natural product industry have impressive results, but we can help make the world a better place. What's not to LOVE?
Key message: As an industry, we can help the planet, the people..with purpose.

I'm taking the liberty of sharing some of the key points from the presentation below, with sources from New Hope, Spins, Whipstitch Capital. The presentation by Nick McCoy was particularly brilliant.

Helping the planet: Earth and Ocean: Investments in arable land to increase organic matter in soil, addressing animal welfare with grass-fed, pasture-raised, regenerative agriculture, protecting marine plants and ocean animal life to reduce carbon footprints.

Helping the people. Investments to support income equality: high quality jobs with dignity and purpose and working towards diversity in all our communities.

Helping with purpose: Consumers are recognizing companies like B-Corps that work towards our common good- like my global client of many years, STRONG ROOTS (plant based frozen food innovator Sam Dennigan). Read more of their new certification in Forbes here (and congratulations, team!).
Growth and Impact
Natural and organic sales are set to surpass $300B by 2023, bringing new consumers who prioritized healthy eating during COVID (seeking nutrition-focused, minimally processed, free-from food (e.g., allergen, gluten, GMO top attributes). And while plant-based foods are desirable for health benefits, the positive impacts to the planet are undeniable. Like my client AMARUMAYU Superfruit juices helping to save the Amazon Rainforest, the lungs of the earth. Have a listen here to our Chief Sustainability Officer, Jorge Lopez-Doriga from AJE/Lima, Peru: https://www.thegivebackmodel.com/show-notes/amarumayu.

New Consumer Rituals
Food as Medicine: Consumers are increasingly turning to food & beverage to boost their immune systems, help them rest and reduce their stress and fatigue. They are exploring new food supplements like cider vinegar, ashwaganda and super mushrooms. Note the jump in supplements +14% to $56B in 2020.

Smart Drinking: One of the seismic shifts we're seeing is a culture: no alcohol, low alcohol beverage innovation as well as adults taking healthy breaks from alcohol. Like my client Spirity (we loved this naming project: Non-alcoholic cocktails, distilled from tea, makes you feel, SPIRITY! (check it out here).

For more trends on this subject check out "Brand on Purpose, a very smart podcast here (interview with AB IN Bev and Georgetown University School of Business on setting examples for responsible drinking).

Need a minute today?
Pause for Thought with some joyfulplate poetry

In case you missed it, here's a a psuedo-Haiku we wrote that still summarizes a bit of what's happening in our natural world. Joyful Plate poetry is a form of word play which keeps our ideas fresh and our language creative. Stay tuned for more in the next few months, and happy to write for your brands!

Plant-based, meats replaced 
Pigless Pork Rinds
Good for me, immunity
Sourced responsibly
Nutrient dense, Self defense
Food as Medicine

Eat this and not that
Foodie, or Fat?

Intermittent Fasting


Deliver Treats, Uber Eats,
Ghost Kitchen Magic

Avatar in lieu of me
VIrtual Reality

TikTok Sensation
Climate Generation

Save the planet & people
Feed the world with plenty

Hungry, for more


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