Bicycle Safety Month

Share the road and the responsibility with a bike

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May 14, 2024 –In recognition of Bicycle Safety Month, the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission reminds motor vehicle drivers to exercise caution around bike riders, who have the same right to use non-interstate roads as other road users.

The number of people riding bicycles spiked during the pandemic, and so did the number of bicyclists who died on Louisiana roads, LHSC Executive Director Lisa Freeman said. At least 44 bicyclists in Louisiana were killed in crashes in 2022, the second consecutive year a record was set, according to data from the Center for Analytics and Research in Transportation Safety at LSU.

The increase in Louisiana bicycle fatalities is consistent with a national rise, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Still, the 44 Louisiana deaths in 2022 amounted to five percent of all traffic fatalities in the state, according to the NHTSA data. Florida and Hawaii are the only states with higher bicycle fatality rates in 2022, the last year for which verified records are available.

The best way to avoid such tragedies is for bicyclists and motor vehicle drivers to recognize that sharing the road means sharing responsibilities, Freeman said.

“If you’re driving a car or truck and you see a bicyclist, give them a little time and a little space,” Freeman said. “For bicyclists, they do have a legal right to be on the road, but they also must obey all traffic laws like any other road user.”

Louisiana law says motor vehicle drivers should only pass bicyclists when they can safely do so and must leave at least three feet between the vehicle and the bicycle while passing. Bicyclists must ride as near to the right side of the roadway as practicable, unless they are turning left, passing another road user, or avoiding an object.

“Today’s cars are safer than ever, but only for people who are inside them,” Freeman said. “Bicyclists are ultimately at the mercy of motor vehicle drivers, so we’re asking drivers to slow down when they see someone on a bike.” 

Bicyclists should always wear a protective helmet and bright, reflective clothing, especially at night.

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