October 3, 2019
Greetings, Sonix and Turbosonic Owners
I do apologize for the long delay in sending out an email, but I have been in a recovery mode for the last 4 years after the FDA shut down 3 of my businesses, and kept me in federal court for 5 years. Not to mention my own health challenges, and the betrayal of several trusted long-time employees. Life its-self can be a challenge at times, but now we are back. In future emails we are going to be offering Sonix vibration tips, featured sonic vibration locations, explore some of the clinical studies, go into some of the third-party frequency Apps, and help you get the most out of your sonic vibration exercise machine. We may even give away a Sonix plate or two.

I can’t believe It has been almost 15 years since...
YOU are OUR "SalesForce"
Every week we are sending out checks for Referrals, Affiliate fees, and Sales Commissions to Sonic Life people just like you, that have shared their good sonic vibrations with friends, neighbors, and groups.
You could be supplementing your income, or saving for a special vacation. You can call Christy for details at 877-684-7245 M-F 10-5 or email sales@soniclife.com.
Are You Listed on www.soniclife.com as a Demo Location?
Every several days we will get a call from a potential customer looking for a Sonix machine to try in their area. We go to our website and check. If your location is listed it could mean more potential customers stopping by, and even a potential sale or two. If you would like to be listed on our website, send your listing information to Sales@soniclife.com or call 877-684-7245
Featured Sonic Vibration Locations!
Luminance Yoga and Naturopathy
Portland, Oregon
I brought Sonic WBV to Luminance in June of this year and it is a big hit! I am Laura Washington ND and Luminance is the NE Portland home of my naturopathic medical practice, my yoga classes, and now Sonic WBV. My clients and students use the Sonix two to four times a week. Many times they use the pre-programmed modes. Other times I choose a specific frequency based on...
With every email we are going to be featuring various Sonic Vibration Locations – If you would like to have your location featured drop us a line at sales@soniclife.com
Want a New Sonix but can’t Afford One?
We have a solution. Process 5 sales through Sonic Life and we will send you your very own, brand new, in the box Sonix WBV machine. Call Christy for details at 877-684-7245.
Sonic WBV Tip of the Day
To tighten your face and neck area, set your unit in the manual mode at 12 or 13 Hertz, turn up the power, hold on to the handle bars for balance, and tip your head back. While tipping your head back you will find a sweet spot where your neck, face and jaw are vibrating like crazy. Hold that position and flex your face and neck as much as possible making all kinds of faces to hold that flex. Good Luck with your Sonix WBV Face Lift.
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