August is here! Are you inspiring your customers to buy local vegetables with PA Produce Month specials and news?

We know it can be tough to find time so we're sending these emails to help you out. This week, we've included PA Veggie recipe videos that you can share directly on your marketing platform of choice. Take a moment to explore the additional resources below.
Trying putting one or more of these fun marketing activities into action!

1) Build a PA Produce Month display in your market or at your stand.

2) Develop a special coupon or a frequent buyer program for use at your market during PA Produce Month only. These could be handed out at market and placed at businesses through your community.

3) Offer a PA Produce Month special during August like "Pick 5 Get 10", where the customer gets a 10% discount when they buy 5 different vegetables.

4) Throw in a free cantaloupe (or other vegetable) with a set purchase ($10-$15).

5) Host a PA Produce Month special event, like a Sweet Corn Festival. If you already have a special event planned for August, incorporate PA Produce Month into your plans and publicity for that event.
Not sure what to talk about in your blogs, emails, videos, and social media posts? Use these prompts to inspire your messaging!

1) What is your growing philosophy and methodology and why?

2) How did you get into farming?

3) Which vegetables should not be refrigerated?

4) What’s the best way to store these vegetables?

5) Why should I eat your vegetables instead of the farmer’s down the road?

6) What vegetables are in season right now?

7) What vegetables are high in [insert preferred vitamin/mineral]?

8) What vegetables go great with [insert preferred meat/protein]?

9) How does [insert vegetable] grow?

10) How do you decide what vegetables to grow each year?

We'll be back in touch soon with more ideas. In the meantime, we welcome you to explore and make the most of the marketing resources at . Please don't hesitate to contact the PVMRP with questions, comments, or requests.