Shift from knowing to doing...

I know but....

Perhaps this is the phrase I have heard the most as a teacher.

Students saying they know they should practice but...

I see many struggling with daily practice.

The increased life challenges and busyness have escalated to a debilitating point. I think this is the most stressed I have ever seen humanity and myself!

I dare to openly state that we live in a system that is humiliating to the worth of the human being and nature.

I also dare to state that we can turn it around...together!

Meditation is the most powerful revolution.

Don't lose your mind, free it and rise above the turmoil.

Group meditation is an instant boost, one heart sparking and lifting the other creating a giant force field to breakthrough any obstacles and thrive again.

Activate your practice today,

Let's unite and ignite


Enligthenment Tribes Monthly Support Group

Saturday May 18th

12.30- 2pm Spiritualgym


Q&A - theme discussions - sharing circle & formal practice


Yoga Nidra Practice on YouTube

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