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March 2023
A Watchful Eye is Needed in the Months Ahead
Well, the fear and surprise of some of the bank failures have colored things since our last newsletter. While we have some commentary about where we think the market stands, all we can claim for sure is that we are living with uncertainty and it will impact the day to day views of our investments. At this time it doesn’t seem like we will have a systemic banking issue like that of 2008.
While we still have cautious optimism for where the markets will head in 2023 we haven't seen the last of the volatility and surprise.
We will keep you updated along the way. As always, you can contact us with any concerns.


Team Notes
Will's Top Ten - Stories

10 things that I love having people tell me stories about:

  1. They had a child
  2. They had a grandchild
  3. They had a hole in one
  4. They are about to take a trip to a great place. Or they just came back.
  5. They happily announced a retirement.
  6. A childhood memory that they cherish that let’s me in on who they are and where they grew up
  7. A favorite book or movie that they are convinced I should see.
  8. A gift they received that really meant something to them and why.
  9. A great belly laugh about people we know.
  10. A fantastic night at a great restaurant! 
Baseball is in the air,
Kurt's (second) favorite time of year.

This is my second favorite time of year (the first is College Football Season). Baseball is in the air. It was a great childhood sport for me personally, with such heroes as Chet Lemon, Greg Luzinski, Harold Baines, and Carlton Fisk, oh, these are all White Sox players, so you guessed it, I’m a White Sox fan. My wife, Tammy is a Cubs fan and my kids don’t care about sports.
I can’t wait for the season start, but first I have to get back to watching Field of Dreams.

Heidi’s Top Greenhouses &
Markets for Spring Plants

  • Bachman’s, Twin Cities
  • Waldoch Farm - they have a fabulous selection all season long, Lino Lake
  • Minneapolis Farmers Market
  • Prairie Restoration, Princeton
  • Pletschers Greenhouse, New Brighton
  • Pattinson Gardens, St. Cloud

My creations from last year! Wishing you a wonderful, and warm Spring.
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