Sixth Sunday of Easter - May 5, 2024

Shadows on the House

This past week, the clergy of our diocese, including me, Mtr. Pamela, Deacon Sally and Deacon Dave, shared a short retreat together at a beautiful Greek Revival plantation in southern Virginia (pictured above). The house, built in the 1839, was magnificent. It was clearly lovingly designed, maintained and renewed during its long life. As all great houses built in the antebellum South, it was also constructed and maintained for many years by slaves. The crumbled remains of their cabins dotted the hillsides around the lawn.

This is an uncomfortable reality we live with, particularly in this part of the country. Sometimes beautiful things can have a shadow side to them. Slavery and its legacy is a darkness that clouds our memories and haunts our hearts. We made a point to talk about the conflicted past of this great house during our clergy retreat. It was helpful.

For many of us, particularly those of us with a long history as Anglicans in this area, the Falls Church is a great and beautiful house. As we learned last week in our bishop's pastoral letter, among the many good things and gifted leaders that have come from Falls Church, there have also been some deep shadows. They are now being named and brought into the light. Seeing them has the capacity to confuse and haunt us.

If you are feeling this I want to encourage you today. This side of heaven, the shadow side is always present in us and in others. We should not be surprised to see it even in those we see so much that is good. We can be grateful, however, when our shadows are brought into the light, held before Jesus and lamented. We believe in a God who forgives sins. We believe He is present with us through his Son Jesus Christ even when we are standing in the midst of shadows. We believe Jesus ultimately swallows every shadow that haunts us in his marvelous light. "Awake O' sleeper and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you" (Ephesians 5.14).

God Bless,

We are Here Because We Have a Story

Praise and Worship Night May 8

Join us on Wednesday, May. 8, at 7pm for an evening of Praise and Worship provided by CrossOver. A Praise and Worship service includes scriptural readings and contemporary praise songs that offer an environment for prayer and reflection. Singing and clapping along are encouraged. Invite a friend and we look forward to seeing you!

Activity bags for young children

We are grateful to be blessed with children as they join us in the sanctuary during communion. At the same time, we understand they can be restless. To help parents, we have put up colorful "Activity Bags" along the wall outside the cry room. Feel free to grab a bag. We ask that you try to return the bag to the area at the end of the service. 

Three Adult Education 

Classes Begin Sunday

This May, Epiphany’s clergy will be teaching three adult education classes from 9:15 to 10:00am each Sunday.  Fr. Peter will be teaching Anglicanism 101 in the Library.  Anglicanism 101 introduces our way of being Christian and is a great way for newcomers to learn more about Epiphany.  Mtr. Pamela will be teaching Knowing and Going in the Green Classroom.  By the end of this class you will be able to know and share the most important points of the Gospel with others.  Deacon Sally will be teaching Writing a Lament in the Blue Classroom which will help us express the griefs in our lives to God.  Sign-ups for all three classes are in the fellowship hall.  Classes will begin on May 5 and run through May 26.

This Week At Epiphany

Epiphany Calendar

May 3 - 12

Friday, May 3

9:00am Morning Prayer

10:00am Journaling at Melanie Miller's home

Men's Ministry in Library and via Zoom

Saturday, May 4

9:00am Band of Brothers

2:00pm Youth Biking

Sunday, May 5

8:00am Worship with Holy Communion

10:15am Worship (Youtube livestream)

Monday, May 6

9:00am Morning Prayer

9:30am Ladies Morning Bible Study in Library

Tuesday, May 7

9:00am Morning Prayer

7:00pm Vestry

Wednesday, May 8

12:00 Simple Eucharist

7:00pm Praise and Worship Service

Thursday, May 9

9:00am Morning Prayer

7:00pm Choir Rehearsal

Friday, May 10

9:00am Morning Prayer

Saturday, May 11

9:00am Band of Brothers

Sunday, May 12

8:00am Worship with Holy Communion

9:15am Adult Ed

10:15am Worship (Youtube livestream)

1:15 & 2:00 Worship at Chantilly Heights

If you have an Epiphany event to add to the calendar, please contact Jimmy Crawford at

Church of the Epiphany | 3863 Centerview Drive | 703-481-8601


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