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The world lost a true Adom Gadol yesterday with the Petira of Hagaon Harav Yaakov Zeev Winternitz, ZT”L.  

Los Angeles had the Zechus of having the Rav here while he underwent treatment the last few years. He was the Shaliach Tzibur at the 1:35 Mincha at LINK the past few months (he was a chiyuv since his mother was nifteres 4 months ago). His plaintive davening, often punctuated by his soulful cries, left an indelible impression on all of us. He will buried in his native Ertz Yisrael on Sunday. The tzidkus and ever lasting impression HaRav Winternitz leaves us will truly sit with anyone who was lucky enough to of just seen him let alone spend time with him.


Sadly HaRav Winternitz did not have a penny to his name and the family is left with young children to try to continue on his legendary path but simply cannot do it without our financial help.


Tizku l’mitzvos

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Tzeischem L’Shalom


We wish rabbi and rebbetzin Brander a restful and inspirational summer in Eretz Yisroel. Rabbi Brander will be returning to LINK on August 7th Iy’H. 


Thank you!


We want to thank all of the contributors t the very successful YPLA crowdfunding that enabled us to raise $179,528. Tizku L’Mitzvos. We are very excited to have Rabbi Menachem Solomon take over YPLA beginning this Elul, and we thank Rabbi Eli Heller for the three years of his inspired leadership. 


Shalosh Seudos


Shalosh Seudos is sponsored by Rabbi & Mrs. Eli and Robin Stern in 25th Yahrzeit memory of Rabbi Stern’s mother, Malka bas Avraham HaCohen, A”H. 

Special Yahrzeit Minyan


There will be a special Maariv Minyan on Sunday evening at 8:15 to commemorate the Yahrzeit of our dear member, Mr. Eliyahu Graubert, Z”L. It will take place at the home of Mrs. Donna Graubert. 1530 S Sherbourne Dr, Apt 3. Please text Mr. Tzvi Graubert at (323) 963-1600 if you’re available to attend. May Reb Eliyahu’s Neshama have an aliyah in Gan Eden!


Graduate Mazel Tovs


·       Binny Amster graduated from Ohr Eliyahu and going next year to Calabasas Yeshiva

·       Gadi Amster graduated from MBY and going to Ohr Shraga in Eretz Yisroel

·       David Adler graduated Ohr Eliyahu and going to Yeshiva Gedolah

·       Eden Symonds graduated Yavneh and going to YULA

·       Hodaya Nechama Flactman graduated YULA and going to Sharfman Seminary in Yerushalayim

·       Tehila Bracha Flactman graduated Bais Yaakov and going to Ki-Tov Seminary in Yerushalayim




Please email to have your simcha, announcement, and mazel tov in our Shabbos bulletin.

The subject of this volume is ordinary lives lived with dignity, for such lives are often the most meaningful and instructive.

Middlemarch: “The growing good of the world is partly dependent on unhistoric acts, and that things are not so ill with you and me as they might have been is half owing to the number who lived faithfully a hidden life and rest in unvisited tombs.”


In the Author’s Preface, Jonathan Rosenblum, describes these one hundred pieces, written over three decades, as forming a sort of ethical will to his descendants, both those now living and those yet unborn. The message: Look for the good in every person, learn from that good, and use the wisdom thus attained to improve your own life and the lives of everyone with whom you come into contact.


We have 8 copies of Rabbi Rosenblum's latest book, "Ordinary Greatness:  100 Songs of Praise"


To purchase zelle $25 to with 100 songs in memo.

Friendly Reminders for Shabbos Morning Children’s Groups


1. Parent(s) MUST remain in the LINK building for the entire duration of the time that they leave their children at Shabbos Groups. 


2. For everyone's safety as well as for our congregants’ ability to be to daven with kavanah, please make sure that your child is either in their designated group or in the shul sanctuary supervised by you. We cannot have children roaming the hallways, or running in and out of the sanctuary, kitchen or classrooms.


3. As soon as davening ends, please go to your child's group and pick them up from the designated room.


The above rules will be strictly enforced!


Mrs. Dina Ram,

Director of Youth Programming


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