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Kiddush Levana


We will perform Kiddush Levanah for Chodesh Iyar on Motzei Shabbos, G-d willing.  The latest timer or this month to perform it is Wednesday night, May 23 at 9:03pm.


“Bentching BeHaB”


We make a special Misheberach for all those who will fast this coming Monday, Thursday, and Monday, right before we put back the Sefer Torah.


Mazal Tov


Mazal Tov to Emma Stone on her marriage this past Wednesday night in Brooklyn to Simcha Pesach. May they build a Bayis Ne-Eman B’Yisrael!




Kiddush is sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Rehman in honor of their daughter Chaya Liora’s birth and 1st birthday.  May we share in many, more simchas together.

Be On the Lookout


For more details coming soon – Lag Ba’Omer event on June 2 for the whole family.




Please email to have your simcha, announcement, and mazel tov in our Shabbos bulletin.

Friendly Reminders for Shabbos Morning Children’s Groups


1. Parent(s) MUST remain in the LINK building for the entire duration of the time that they leave their children at Shabbos Groups. 


2. For everyone's safety as well as for our congregants’ ability to be to daven with kavanah, please make sure that your child is either in their designated group or in the shul sanctuary supervised by you. We cannot have children roaming the hallways, or running in and out of the sanctuary, kitchen or classrooms.


3. As soon as davening ends, please go to your child's group and pick them up from the designated room.


The above rules will be strictly enforced!


Mrs. Dina Ram,

Director of Youth Programming


Partner with the Youth Department to help make our exciting programs even more special by dedicating them in honor/memory of someone:

 Torah Tuesday & Thursday Learning program

 Shabbos Teen minyan

 Shabbos Groups

For more information on sponsoring any of these events email

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Father and Son Learning at LINK

Tuesdays and Thursdays

7:00 to 7:40PM

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