Shabbat Vayikra-Zachor

March 22-23 / Adar II 12-13


Friday March 22nd

Candle Lighting - 6:51 PM

Kabbalat Shabbat - 6:45 PM

Saturday, March 23rd

Shachrit - 9:30 AM

Parsha Zachor - not before 10:30AM

Havdalah - 8:00 PM

Megillah - 8:30 PM

Sunday March 24th

Shachrit - 9:00 AM

Megillah - 9:30 AM

Followed by Brunch Purim Seudah

This week we will daven Shacharis (beginning from Shochein Ad), read the Torah, enjoy the Haftorah, and recite Mussaf.

We WILL NOT say Av Harachamim

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RESERVATION DEADLINE: Monday, March 18, 2024

Parshat Vayikra-Zachor

The Torah describes four different inadvertent sins that require different sacrifices, depending on who sinned, the Kohen Gadol, the court, the leader, or a regular individual. While for the Kohen Gadol, the court, and the individual, the Torah frames the sacrifices based on the condition of “if” they sin (“im”), when it comes to the leader, the verse uses the word “asher” – “when the leader sins.” The Commentators are bothered by the assumption. Why do we assume the inevitably of the leader’s sin?

Rashi, quoting the midrash, focuses on a different function of the word “asher,” as it also doubles as an allusion to the word “ashrei,” meaning happy, praiseworthy, or fortunate. “Fortunate is the generation,” he writes, “whose leader sets his heart to bring an atonement sacrifice even for an inadvertent sin; how much more certain is it that he will repent for his willful sins.” It isn’t easy for any of us to admit our mistakes. We have so many delusions that conceal our mistakes from our awareness. It is even more common for leaders to not see their mistakes because the stakes are higher. It is indeed worthy of pausing and celebrating such leaders who are willing to admit their mistakes and are able to model proper behavior for others.

How do we overcome all the obstacles that prevent us from seeing our mistakes? The answer is to do what Rashi writes, to be “Nosen Lev”, to make time to take stock of what we are trying to accomplish, if we are doing what is needed to meet those goals, and if it is being done in the proper manner. 

Making time for this kind of evaluation is invaluable. 

Good Shabbos,

Rabbi Fink

Matanot L'evyonim

Everyone should be able to properly celebrate Purim! The mitzvah of Matanot L'evyonim ensures that every individual gives at least the amount of a small meal to at least two indigent people. This amount is calculated at a minimum of $5.00 per poor person for a total obligation of $10 to fulfill this mitzvah (of course, you can add to this amount.)

This money will be distributed on Purim day, Sunday March 24th by Rabbi Fink. 

Matanot laevyonim can be given directly to Rabbi Fink, by using Zelle/Venmo/Paypal with the email, or via credit card through our website and write in the memo "Purim money". Please note that these funds are not a donation to the shul but are given directly to needy individuals.

Register Here!

Important Voter Information:

The last date to register to vote for the June 25th, 2024 primary for the Congressional race is June 15th, 2024.  If you are unsure if you are registered, or are unsure about your party affiliation, please visit:

Names of Chayalim who are family of our Community

Tracey Bilski

Sally Klapper ( drone pilot)

Alma Greenberg Cohen

Jacob Book (paratrooper)

Hillel Issacs

Noam Issacs

Maayan Rachel bat Minna

Yishai Shalom Ben Miriam

Liam ben Liat

Yoel ben Naomi

Yosef Matan ben Chaya

Daniel ben Mirel

Yehuda Tuvia ben Adina Sara

Ariel ben Ofrah

Robin Tanzman

Binyamin Zalman Baruch Davis - great nephew (lone soldier)      


Mira Daniels

Maya Aflalo - niece

Matan Aflalo - nephew

Meni Aamar - cousin

Rotem Meoded - Shay's brother

Amir Ofek - brother-in-law's son


Brenda & Victor Khabie

Nathan Haron

Noam Haron

Jacob Zuckerman

Noam Guy

Aviv Alon

Sagi Dagel


Ed and Hedi Sperling

Shlomo Kreisler

Ilan Kreisler

Eyal Nagar


Ira Kohler

Kobi Fogelman

Niv Schwartz

Adva Hecht Nakar

Omer Netura

Morris and Carol Glassman

Maayan Rachel bat Minna

Yishai Shalom Ben Miriam

Liam ben Liat

Yoel ben Naomi

Yosef Matan ben Chaya

Daniel ben Mirel

Yehuda Tuvia ben Adina Sara

Ariel ben Ofrah




Rabbi Fink's class on parsha and mitzvot WILL meet this Monday, March 25th at 6:30 pm

Please join our virtual Beit Midrash by clicking here!

Memorial Plaques

A brass memorial plaque for the Yahrzeit Tablets which hang on the wall of the Shul can be purchased at a cost of $500. You will receive an annual reminder of your loved ones Yahrzeits. If interested, please contact the office at

MKHC Cemetery Plots

Burial plots are available for purchase for MKHC members at

Rose Hills - King David Memorial Gardens

Putnam Valley NY 10579

 25 minutes from MKHC



Please contact Dan Figa for further information.

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  • April 13th
  • April 20th

Sponsor a Shabbat morning Kiddush to commemorate the yahrzeit of a loved one, to honor a friend or family member, or to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or any other simcha! Minimum suggested sponsorship for a Kiddush is $180. 


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