Shabbat Bulletin for

the Temple Sholom Community

18 January 2024 ~ 8 Shvat 5784

Parashat Bo

Shalom, chaveirim - hello, friends - 

It's the heart of winter now ... the snow (and ice) have finally materialized. And yet, I still have plenty of ice-melt from last year still ... so either we need a lot more snow or I could start making really salty french fries.

As the weather draws you indoors - consider some on-line learning at one of the following institutions that do outstanding work educating adults: Hadar, Melton, Tikvah, or American Jewish University. These institutions offer adult education programming at a very high level of excellence. Each "space" is different and will appeal differently to each of you. Go play around on their websites and see what they are about. They offer, to varying degrees: live and/or pre-recorded courses, podcasts, articles, interviews, and more. I can tell you that I have learned either with each one or with instructors highlighted on each platform. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced learner, there is something in there for you between those four important sources of Jewish instruction.

Need some targeted suggestions?

Hadar offers courses in prayer, theology, Torah, and music. Rabbi David Kasher is teaching a weekly Torah study. If you can't make the class, have a look at their library which has offerings for multiple ages and entry-levels.

Melton is a world-class on-line and in-person learning experience. They have classes ranging from the very timely - like Tu BiShvat (I'm teaching!) - as well as the timeless: like courses on God or mysticism.

Tikvah Fund has a series of remarkable publications (i.e., Mosaic, Jewish Review of Books) and I'm hoping to take the class on New York Intellectuals with Ruth Wisse.

American Jewish University has "How to Argue like a Jew" with Sefi Kraut from Pardes, in Jerusalem, with a great course about Jewish argumentation. It's not enough to say "Jews like to argue." It's true - we do! But ... How, why, when do we argue? Pardes, by the way, also has a ton of great learning!

We are living in a remarkable era whereby we have access to great minds and scholars - literally, with the click of a button or two. Many of the resources are free though not all. Education does cost - and I believe the scholars at these institutions are thoughtful, well-trained and prepared, and many are experts in their respective fields.

This shabbat has been designated as a "Shabbat of LOVE" in order to highlight the need for us to embrace the LOVE of Judaism and all that we have to offer one another. Maybe come to services, take a course to deepen your learning, bake a challah, find a Jewish cause that speaks to you to remember that while the world around us has any number of levels of darkness and pain directed at Israel and the Jewish people, we have so, so much to embrace and find great support and growth!!

Shabbat shalom,

Rabbi Mark Cohn

Recommended Resources from the Rabbi's Desk(top) for the weekend ...

Constant and important updates, podcasts, blogs, and articles from Times of Israel, Tablet Magazine, and Sapir Journal.


"The Persian Jewish grandma who wants to feed the entire IDF from her apartment," in The Times of Israel.

"The Genocide Charge against Israel is Moral Obscenity," by Bret Stephens in The New York Times.

"DEI squelches student reporting at Yale, Penn" by Sahar Tartak in Tablet Magazine.


"Israel at War: The Next Phase" from Rabbi Donniel Hartman & Yossi Klein Halevi of the Shalom Hartman Institute on For Heaven's Sake.

"The Silence of the Feminists." From Bari Weiss of The Free Press. WARNING: This episode uses graphic images and words to describe the realities of the Hamas terrorists and the results of Islamic Jihadism.


"1,000 Israeli musicians sing with one voice - BRING THEM HOME!" The national musical flagship project "HOMELAND CONCERT" - for the purpose of returning the hostages home, took place last week, with the participation of 1,000 musicians and singers from all over the country to the Caesarea Amphitheatre, playing and singing en mass music show.

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Our exploration of Jewish Priorities, (edited by David Hazony) continues!!


February 6, 14*, 20


February 6, Shaul Magid's essay: "Why Exile Matters: How to Rebuild Diaspora Culture Without Using Israel as a Crutch."

February 14, Hen Mazzig's essay: "An End to Ashkenormativity: Let's put bagels and lox behind us."

February 20, Izabella Tabarovsky's essay: "How to beat the New Antisemitism: It's Not about Human Rights. It's about Soviet Propoganda."



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