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It's my first edition - and a day earlier than promised! Thank you for subscribing and as promised all new subscribers have all had a $10 credit added to their accounts!

Welcome to all the new PDQ members and many thanks to you too! If you quilt two or more quilts a year - you may be interested! Learn more here.

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July 14, 2023

Have you read my latest blog post in "Off my Rack" ?

Spoiler alert - get your kleenex ready!

As many of you know, I have moved to Coe Hill. (where???) Better check out your Google maps! Don't worry - I will still be doing pick ups and deliveries and have already set up a schedule.

Thanks to all those who requested Quilt Pick-ups. AND...... one customer has already decided to make the trek up to see me to drop off a quilt - brave soul! If you decide to do that - it is a wonderful drive. Be sure to plan to stay for a coffee.

We have 33 acres of trees that my guy is turning into trails for hiking. I can't wait for the fall - the colours will be amazing. And who knows - maybe we will work on hosting a quilt retreat!

Enough chit chat for now - read on and let me know if there is something you would like to see in the next newsletter.

Sew long for now,


Great new updates!

NOW Accepting Credit Card Payments!

This is great news for both of us! I have changed my accounting systems to simplify my work and offer you great options as well.

Don't worry - you don't have to use plastic, All invoices sent can still be paid by e-transfer as you used to do and I will mark them as paid. But if you're addicted to collecting credit card points, you may now use a secure check out to pay by credit card. Your invoices are automatically updated and you will see the charge on your next statement.

Web site registration - exclusive pages

You can now create an account (register) on the web site so you can see exclusive pages - like the Quilters Buy and Sell. I have made it exclusive to members to cut down on SPAM and that way you know the seller should be a trusted member/quilter. I will send more information next month. Sew sign up today so we can get posting all those little things we have too many of - or look for tools or stash we NEED!

For the Quilt-a-holic....

Been there or done that...

Each month I will add a resource or two that either I use or a trusted quilter has recommended. As usual - it is always buyer beware - but I will not add anything to the list that one of us has not used!

Connecting Threads: Check out their 'Stash and Save' daily newsletter. Yes, it comes in daily - but there are some great deals. And on the days you just don't want to shop - just hit delete instead of 'buy now'.

I have purchased fabric online from Connecting Threads and really like their exclusive lines. And if you catch a sale I have purchased as low as $9.50 a meter CDN!

Videos: Donna Jordan of Jordan Fabrics has great videos of quilt construction.

Free Patterns: There is also a section on her site with free patterns.

Do you have a recommendation or a resource you would like to share? If so - send my way. I won't include your contact details but I will use your first name. (eg:recommended by Claire)

Too many quilts? NAW!

Too many quilts? No way!

Every now and then I hear "I have so many quilts and I have no idea what to do with them". And it's not like you can build an extra closet without the rest of the family knowing about it!

Selling a quilt isn't as easy as it sounds either. Where do you sell them? Craft shows? Markets? Online? And quite often it's hard to find someone who will pay what a quilt is worth.

I have a solution! I have purchased the domain and currently have it pointed here. I have my quilts listed here - but I am getting it ready for you to list your quilts here. If you are a PDQ Member - you can list up to 3 quilts for free. Otherwise there is a one time fee of $15.00 per quilt. You stay in charge of the contact information - you collect all the money. It's pretty easy really - and you can read more about it here. I should have it ready by August 31st!

NOTE - you must register for free in the upper right corner of the web site to request a listing!

Today's Tips

#1. You cannot get blood out of a stone - but you CAN get blood out of a quilt! We have all done it - stabbed ourselves ever so slightly and KABOOM - there is a drip or smear of blood on your quilt top.

Last week I was demonstrating some free motion quilting and somehow I pricked my finger without knowing it. Someone watching pointed it out to me - and was I embarassed! As soon as the crowd wandered away, while awaiting a new audience I grabbed my hydrogen peroxide and with a q-tip managed to remove the smear. Just like that. No stains. It's also rumoured that a little bit of spit on a kleenex will achieve the same results. I may have even tried it once or twice in a works!

#2. Step away from the sewing machine. Yes - sometimes we have to take a break. It's amazing what a cup of coffee and a good book can do to refresh you. All sew and no play makes Mandie a dull girl! In the last week I was unable to sew at all because of the transition time of a week before we could get into the new house. Oh the ideas I came up with! Yes a change really is as good as a rest - so take a break once in a while and you will get inspired to do something NEW!

Customer Quilt Highlight

Since I do not have any of your quilts to highlight yet, I'll show you a picture of one of mine! Send me a picture of your newest or most favourite creation! I will highlight it here.....

Here is one of my favourite quick quilts! 10 hours to cut and assemble and it is ready to quilt. Its finished size is 80x92

20 lights (10x10 squares)

20 darks (10x10 squares)

1/2 Jelly roll

30" Border fabric

I will be adding instructions in an upcoming newsletter. Its a great quick quilt that sews up in a flash!

A QUILTER'S CONNECTION (A tribute to Denise)

I love to write - and so I do have a blog on the site. My latest post is a true story of a quilter I met last year.

A Quilter's Connection

Spending hours at a time quilting a quilt, gets one to thinking - at least it does for me. I have always had a very busy mind - and so the quiet of quilting is an unending trail of thoughts - connecting people, places and events together in a never ending story. And sometimes a story just needs to be told...... read more here - and make a comment if you like

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