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Issue No. #252 | April 14, 2023

俗语 from Xi Jinping

排忧解难 pái yōu jiě nàn

Definition: to resolve a difficult situation and leave worries behind

Original: 要全面加强人才工作,壮大人才队伍。要推进政治整训常态化制度化,持之以恒正风肃纪反腐。要加强部队教育管理,坚持不懈抓基层打基础,确保部队安全稳定。各级特别是领导干部要大兴调查研究,认真解决部队建设中的突出矛盾和问题,积极主动为官兵排忧解难,带领广大官兵不断开创南部战区海军建设新局面。

Background: Xi Jinping visited China's Southern Theater Command (南部战区) center this week and spoke to cadres and soldiers. This comes after 3 days of Chinese military exercises surrounding Taiwan.

Xi instructed all levels, but "especially leaders," "to resolve prominent contradictions and issues in the construction of the armed forces, to proactively settle worries and difficulties facing officers and troops, and lead them in continuously creating new progress in the development of the navy in the Southern Theater Command."

Source: 习近平在视察南部战区海军时强调 深化练兵备战 加快转型建设 全面提高部队现代化水平

Weekly Reading: Draft Regulations for Generative Artificial Intelligence Services

This week the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) published Measures on the Administration of Generative Artificial Intelligence Services (Draft for Solicitation of Comments.)

While the language is relatively vague at this initial stage, it still gives a strong indication of the general regulatory direction of generative AI tech in China.

It is important to read the original document, but here are also a few more supplementary links to consider:

(Image of AI regulators generated with Open AI's DALL-E)

Job Opportunity - BluePath Labs

China Defense Research Analyst

BluePath Labs is a fast-growing research and management consulting company focused on the challenging research problems for both government and private sector clients. BluePath is looking for at least one (1) Mid-level China Defense Research Analyst to support open-source research on the PLA and China's defense and military aerospace sectors. Candidates must be a U.S. citizen to apply.

The Mid-level Defense Research Analyst (China) must be able to independently manage and execute research projects on various topics of interest. For background, the candidate can see a compilation of our previous projects: This position also provides the opportunity to contribute regularly to "The China Intelligence" publication in partnership with DefenseOne and Peter Singer...

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