For decades New Harbor Group has provided strategic counsel and savvy communications support to business, government and community leaders in every sector of the economy. Quite simply, we cut through the noise and get results. Our clients succeed because of the sound judgement, technical skill and consistency our team brings to every challenge, large and small.

We are always building our team and never standing still.

That’s why I’m pleased to share with you that beginning today, Seth Klaiman will be joining our leadership team at New Harbor Group.

Seth’s experience, skills and invaluable relationships will give our firm even more depth when working with clients to achieve their goals. His work in the private sector has given him the instincts it takes to make the most of each opportunity and meet every challenge. Meanwhile, his background in government at both the federal and state level will provide the kind of insight into public policy that our clients have always valued.

At New Harbor, Seth’s arrival will position our firm to continue the remarkable growth we’ve experienced in recent years. He will provide strategic guidance across the entire spectrum of our work, with a focus on public affairs and strengthening business partnerships.

The bottom line is that Seth will make the New Harbor team even stronger – and he will make our clients better, too.

We are excited to share this news about Seth’s arrival with you and have him on board.
What We Do
New Harbor works to create a “climate for success” for our clients – positioning them to achieve their business goals. What does that mean for you? It could mean the approval of a project; reaching, informing and persuading new audiences, customers, or donors; developing memorable social media campaigns and compelling integrated advertising; or skillfully navigating a crisis.
We support our clients in launching new endeavors, developing public policy and conceiving and executing plans that lay the foundation for success.
Your Bottom Line: While you’re busy doing what you do best, you can depend on the team at New Harbor to be your communications specialists, your public affairs advisors, and your marketing team.