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Working Together to Support Families
On June 16th, JFS' Kosher Food Pantries handed out 111 food bags to families at Diaper Day--a community event hosted by the Central Jersey Diaper Bank in New Brunswick. Despite a rainy start to the day, staff and volunteers were all smiles as they worked hard to provide local families with much needed resources. Several organizations participated to connect area residents with invaluable information and services available in Middlesex County. 
Thank you to the Central Jersey Diaper Bank-AECDC staff for welcoming JFS into this important community program, and helping our food pantry reach more families. JFS staff and volunteers served over 90 families in an effort to fight food insecurity among families most in need.
Nourishing our families takes a community--your support helps us make an immediate impact in the lives of working and low-income families in Middlesex County. Donate online or call 732-777-1940 to find out how you can help our food pantries.
Know someone in need of groceries? Share our flyer! Want to partner with us? Email office@jfsmiddlesex.org.
Volunteers: Get the Job Done!
JFS welcomes the support of volunteers of all ages looking to serve their community. In honor of his Bar Mitzvah, Ben and his mom Jodi Leventhal helped our volunteers, Roberta and Susan, to put together over 100 food bags that were given out on Diaper Day. Thanks to their hard work, we were able to provide food to many families in need.

Ben wanted to make a difference in his community, and his efforts certainly made a huge one in the lives of dozens of families last week. Do you want to make a difference too? Call 732-777-1940 or contact us here to find out how you can volunteer to support our efforts!
Stress Free Summer Plans
As we enter summer, our regular routine often changes. Children are home and our schedule is less structured. Use the summertime to build wellness routines that can last all year. If you are able, take time to slow down and enjoy the moments. Use the better weather to enhance outside activities. These can include walking in the neighborhood, visiting state parks (free admission this year!), sporting activities, and just enjoying the day.

Enjoy a stress free summer by allowing yourself to relax your schedule so that you don’t feel rushed or pressured throughout the day. Enjoy the extended daylight hours and plan small trips with your family even if you’re not taking a big vacation this year. Enjoy the time you spend together and remember, though there will be rainy days, that shouldn’t take away the enjoyment and appreciation of the sunny days. Remember to stay hydrated, avoid exercising outside during high temperatures, and wear sunscreen during the longer summer days! An enjoyable summer is a safe and flexible one!

Keeping Wellness in Mind is a monthly spotlight to promote wellness.
Each month, JFS Counseling Services highlights practices promoting mental and emotional wellbeing. JFS Counseling Services provides professional behavioral health therapy to assist individuals, couples, and families in addressing life’s challenges. To learn more, visit call 732-777-1940 or visit www.jfsmiddlesex.org/counseling.
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