The celebration of West Bridgewater's 200th Anniversary continued on Saturday, August 20th with lots of fun activities at the Town Hall area and softball fields.
"On behalf of the West Bridgewater Lions Club I would like to thank ALL the teams that played in the 200th Anniversary Softball Game. Each team played for a prize of $500 for their charity of choice. As an added bonus if either team hit the large "200" in the outfield during the final game, $200 would be awarded to their charity.

WB School Department played for the 2023 Scholarship Fund
WB Fire Department played for the Emergency Fund
WB Police Department played for the Food Pantry
WB Youth Athletes Association played for the Parent Teacher Organization.
GAME 1: WB Fire beat WBYAA
GAME 2: WB Police beat WB School Department
Game 3 (the playoff game) WB Police (20) beat the WB Fire (18)
The Lions Club made a $500 Donation to the Food Pantry on their behalf. Because no team hit the "200" we have decided $100 will be donated to each of the other charities in behalf of their teams!" ~Jerry Lawrence

Local organizations, vendors and restaurants were there all day. The softball games were followed by a live band.

"I would like to thank Dale Powers for working so hard for the Lion Club to bring the spectacular "Defenders Concert Corps" to the Bicentennial Fireworks Night. The 20+ members of the band were so wonderful playing to a huge crowd. They were such a great lead-in to the nights incredible fireworks. Thank you Dale and all your band members of the Defenders Concert Corps. Top Notch Performance, enjoyed by so many!" ~ Jerry Lawrence

The evening ended with an awesome fireworks display. Spectators described it as the best they have ever seen! Happy 200th WB!

Photo credits: Jerry Lawrence, Mark Bodwell, WBYAA
Historical Tidbit: 

Town Life During WWII

What was life like in town during the height of WWII? Probably the biggest impact was on the male population between the ages of 18 and 40. 50% of the town's major work force was serving in the military because of the draft.

In some towns, that was roughly 1/4 of the population. Many other men who did not qualify for military service, either for health reasons or age, were working in defense industries... the ship yards in Hingham, Quincy and Boston.

The local shoe factories were turning out military shoes, and there were chicken houses all over town because beef and pork were rationed. Gasoline was rationed to a couple of gallons per family so there were no "Sunday rides," even if your tires still had enough tread to hold air.

Sugar, butter and coffee were also rationed and scrap drives were constantly collecting scrap metal, rubber goods and paper. New cars did not exist for 3 years, and trucks only if you had a defense related job. You were even limited on the size of mail you could put in the mail box. These sacrifices folks made were the price of freedom.
Respectfully submitted,
David Moore
Town Hall

WB Public Library
Council on Aging

Proof of residency is the only requirement.
1st & 3rd Wednesday each month
1:45 - 3p & 5:30 - 6p
457 rear, South Main St., Suite #1
Suzanne Fletcher
You won a $15 gift certificate to C & C Antiques
Open Wed - Sun, Rt 18, Elmwood (EB)

Bee sure to play our Historical Tidbit Trivia Game at the bottom of this newsletter.

Enter for this week's prize of a
$25 gift certificate to Johnny Macaroni's Restaurant, East Bridgewater & Halifax
Back to School!

Tue, Aug 30th - First Day of School Grades 1-12
Wed, Aug 31st - Preschool Orientation
Thurs, Sept 1st - Kindergarten Orientation
Wed, Sep 7th - First Day Of School Kindergarten and Preschool

Fridays, September 9th and 16th

“Build a Better You” FREE Mini Series led by Nancy Denman Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner.

Enhance wellness. Get your energy moving,
diminish pain and stress, boost your immune
system and increase joy.

Registration Required in advance 508-894-1262.

"This program is supported by a grant from the Trustees For The Home For Aged Men in the City of Brockton"
B-I-N-G-O at St. Ann’s is returning and we need volunteers!! 📣 🐾
You do not need to commit to joining the boosters or attending meetings, just a 2 hour commitment monthly (or less depending on response).
Bingo runs weekly on Thursday nights throughout the year (including summer months). The Boosters' BINGO shift runs from 6 - 8p.
Details: Volunteers work in pairs (sign up with a friend!) and are responsible for pull tab ticket sales. Bingo customers will ask you for a certain amount (they sell for 25/50 cents or $1) and you just count out their tickets and take the money/make change. Super easy!
Incentive: If you are able to commit to at least 10 shifts (not quite once a month), you will be eligible to receive a discount on your athletic fees for the 2022-2023 academic year. (Amount TBD.)
Please contact us ASAP if interested!
Jenn Gately & Stacy Raphel, Co-Presidents
Terry O’Neill-Kearton, Secretary
Lynda Hulme, Treasurer
FT or PT Local Drivers Needed
Retirees and Others - call or stop by

1000 Plymouth St (Rt 104) • Bridgewater •
(508) 697-0357
Meet and Greet with
Kyss the Therapy Dog
Saturday, September 10th
11a - 12p
(508) 894-1255
Register to read to Kyss the Therapy Dog.
Grab and Go Lunch
First Church, 29 Howard St
Every Friday
11a - 1p
No charge, everyone is invited to pick up a lunch. Please call the First Church at (508) 587-3118 by the Thursday before to let them know what you would like. All are welcome!
Plastic Water Bottles
Single use disposable plastic water bottles are everywhere. Using them will be a very hard habit to break, but a really important one. Not only does individual bottled water cost more than any other water source, but the over-all health benefits are questionable & our planet suffers immensely from their use.

1) Plastic water bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a petroleum product. PET requires giant amounts of fossil fuels to produce and transport. 2) Scientists at Goethe University have found that water bottles made from PET plastic leach compounds that mimic the hormone estrogen into the bottled water. This raises questions about their safety. ( science) 3) Americans purchase about 50 billion water bottles per year, averaging about 13 bottles per month for every person in the U.S. ( 4) With such a small percentage being recycled, most of our single use plastic breaks down into tiny beads of plastic particles (nano and micro plastics) which infiltrate everything –our plants, our food, our fish, our air, our bodies.
For yourself & our planet, break the habit.
Find YOUR Bliss with
Try a Blissful Class This Summer.
Register Today!

Svaroopa yoga excels at releasing the deep tension in your body. While the benefits of this style of yoga are profound, it is very easy to do. We use the alignment of the body, rather than a lot of effort, along with blankets for propping to make the poses accessible, supportive and effective.

516 N. Bedford St, East Bridgewater
(508) 331-3564

KickOff Children's Program
Once / week dinnertime program for children grades 1-6 * FREE
Wednesdays 5 - 6:30p
•Starting Sept 14
• Sing songs & play games
• Activities & dinner included
Build positive relationships & do fun service projects

Union Congregational Church
An Open & Affirming Service Based Christian Congregation
105 Pleasant St (508) 378 - 2874

31st Annual Park Day

Sunday, September 11
10a - 5p
War Memorial Park

Plenty of activities for the whole family!

Free Parking & Free Admission

Senior College Fall 2022 Registration
is Open

This is the biggest semester yet! BSU has 34 courses available in senior college. (11 in-person and 23 via Zoom).

Please take some time to review the Quick Glance schedule and the full course catalog. They have many BRAND NEW courses and have also brought back some of your favorite instructors (who will be offering NEW courses). Also, you can enroll in as many courses as you like. You can take 1 course or 10! It's totally up to you!

To register:
Please follow this link to register for the Senior College and pay the registration fee ($85) online: Click Here

Once you complete your payment we will send you another link to a form that you will use to select your actual courses. Once we have that information we will share the Zoom links with you at the beginning of September.
Try the Bay Circuit Trail 

The Bay Circuit Trail (BCT) is a 230-mile long green trail in a semi-circle around Boston; between Routes 128 and 495; where people can hike, bike, ski, horseback ride, or traverse the trail however they like. The BCT is an amazing resource for the community - in essence, it allows us to explore our home. 

The idea for the BCT began in 1929, a vision was proposed as an “outer Emerald Necklace,”— a greenbelt that would mirror the famous string of Frederick Law Olmsted-designed parks throughout Boston. While the Emerald Necklace grew over the next few decades, it could not keep up with development. Then in 1990, the Bay Circuit Alliance was formed and in the next few years the alliance cleared more space and linked segments of the trail, the Bay Circuit Trail was born.

Protection, enhancement, and encouragement of the public to use the trail has been a priority of those involved in maintaining the trail. The Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC), known for it’s work taking care of the Appalachian Trail, has been working with the BCT since 2012. Due to their work, final gaps of the trail have been closed. In addition, the AMC guides local communities in identifying and maintaining their portion of the trail. Essentially, the AMC acts as a guide and mentor in preserving the BCT. 

A large part of the trail’s success comes from the work of the vision and persistence of Al French and so many, many volunteers. Now hundreds of volunteers from thirty-seven towns are responsible for the trail’s impressive state. Reading the history of the trail, it stands out how one human can make a difference, reading Al French’s part in making it happen. 

In the midst of a climate crisis, the natural beauty around us is more appreciated than ever. Thanks to the Bay Circuit Trail, everyone who worked on it, and everyone who continues to work on it, we can enjoy this beauty. We encourage you to venture out onto the trail and see it for yourself. In our area, The trail runs through Easton, West Bridgewater, Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, and Hanson; on the website check out sections 12 and 13.

By Rohair Spear
Writing Intern, Franklin & Marshall College
September Book Club Reads

True Stories Book Club
Tuesday September 13th; 5p – 6p
The Eagles of Heart Mountain by Bradford Pearson

Chapters Book Club
Tuesday September 20th; 5p – 6p
The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

WB Public Library - No registration necessary
Car Show Fundraiser Berwick Boy's Foundation
Sun, Sept 25th
10a - 3p
335 West Street

This event has been such a fun one for our organization and partners! Last year’s show was our BIGGEST YET! Over 130 vehicles entered the event. As always we hope to go BIGGER!
Along with great cars, trucks, motorcycles and music. We will have food, 50/50 raffle and a great assortment of gift baskets to win! Prizes have been donated by local favorites such as Johnny Macaroni's, Drivers Edge, Mopar's of Mass and many many more!
Over 30 trophies to win!

Registrations for spring travel soccer tryouts (U10, U12, U14, & U17) are
now open!  
Tryouts will be held on the below listed days. You are only required to attend on one date but it is strongly suggested that you attend both days for a more thorough evaluation. Times for each age group will be communicated as we get closer to the tryout dates.

Please note: registrations for age levels younger than U10 will be posted at a later date (there are no tryouts for those age groups).

   Day 1: Friday, Sept 9th, 4:45 - 7p (Howard Field)  
   Day 2: Saturday, Sept 10th, 3:45 - 6p (High School turf field)  
   Day 1: Saturday, Sept 10th, 5:45 - 8p (High School turf field)
  Day 2: Monday, Sept 12th, 4:45 - 7p (Howard Field)

*Required soccer tryout attire: soccer shirt, shorts, shin guards & cleats. Do not wear club or numbered attire.
*We will provide you with a tryout number.
*Bring your own ball.

Please feel free to contact Sam Lone with questions (
WB Finance Committee Mtg
Recorded Aug 4
Video Courtesy of WBCAM
WB Board of Selectmen Meeting
Recorded Aug 3
Video Courtesy of WBCAM
These amazing folks measured and bagged 375 dresses for Dress A Girl Around the World on Aug 2nd at the
West Bridgewater Library.

To see more photos go to

Visit to learn more about the program.
Have fun with us and bee entered to win a
$25 gift certificate to Johnny Macaroni's Restaurant, East Bridgewater & Halifax

Historical Tidbit Question:
What was one food item that was rationed in WWII?

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"Sometimes serendipity is just intention unmasked."
~ Elizabeth Berg

"Serendipity always rewards the prepared."
~ Katori Hall

"I am a firm believer in serendipity- all the random pieces coming together in one wonderful moment, when suddenly you see what their purpose was all along."
~ David Levithan 

"Plan to the extent that feels right to you at a particular time in your life, but always be open to serendipity."
~ Steve Leveen 
"Risk-taking, trust, and serendipity are key ingredients of joy. Without risk, nothing new ever happens. Without trust, fear creeps in. Without serendipity, there are no surprises."
~ Rita Golden Gelman
Serendipity is one of the many words used to describe that thing that happens... you didn't plan it... but it is absolutely scrumptious when it appears. Bee ready, prepare for what you want most. Serendipity won't bring you that; it will bee even better!
~ Jacquie
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