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September 2023 | Issue 32

  • Tune in to ABC's Video of the Month: Alzheimer's Disease Awareness

  • Myths and Frequently Asked Questions about Alzheimer's Disease

  • Help Us Help You - Ways to Enhance A Loved One's Home Care Experience If They Have Memory Issues

  • Congratulations to AgeSpan on Another Successful Golf Classic Event- 27 Years in a Row!

What Our Clients Are Saying...

"I just have to say that we love our caregiver- she is a God send! I have never met someone so sweet and kind and I couldn't more sincerely appreciate the great help she is providing my father with!"

Heather D.
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ABC's Featured Video of the Month
Increasing Awareness for Alzheimer's Disease Because Knowledge is Power!
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia are two terms that are often used interchangeably but it is important to note that Alzheimer's Disease is an actual degenerative brain disease and is the most common form of Dementia- which is an overall term that describes a group of symptoms.

This month is all about Alzheimer's Awareness and in our video of the month, we provide a short synopsis of some telltale signs of early onset of the disease and some things to consider when having the tough conversation with someone you love about memory concerns.

Tune in for this month's video about Alzheimer's Disease featuring information from the Alzheimer's Association

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All About ALZ
Alzheimer's Disease: Debunking the Myths & Frequently Asked Questions
Many people believe that Alzheimer's/Dementia just comes with the territory of getting older but this is NOT TRUE!

There is a difference between forgetfulness (like where you misplaced your keys) versus actual memory impairment that eventually interferes with everyday life, relationships, changes in personality and impaired judgment.

More than 6 million Americans are living with Alzheimer's Disease and while there is no cure for Alzheimer's currently, there is plenty that you can do to enhance the quality of a loved one's life who is living with the disease.
Help Us Help You: How to Enhance The Home Care Experience For Those With Memory Loss

Caring for someone with Alzheimer's Disease presents a challenge not only for friends and family but for professional caregivers as well.

Professional caregivers are often caring for a few other clients in addition to your loved one. Keeping track of someone's likes and dislikes, hobbies etc. is not always easy but participation from a client's friends and family can help to enhance the overall home care experience.

Pro Tip:

Consider getting a box or designating a drawer in a living room or kitchen and filling it with various items that will spark old trips down memory lane for your loved one. This helps foster an interactive experience for the client and the caregiver and helps with mental stimulation (which is one of the best ways to help halt the progression of the disease). Similarly, including a CD with your loved one's favorite music, pictures of your loved one's favorite artwork or including activities that your loved one might like such as puzzles, adult coloring books etc. will enhance the experience for all!

Services, Celebrations and More!
AgeSpan's 27th Annual Golf Classic Surely Was a "Hole-in-One"
We just love to see our professional partners having fun- especially when it is for a good cause and we get to be a part of it!

ABC Home Healthcare Professionals was once again proud to be one of the sponsors for AgeSpan's 27th Annual Golf Classic this month at the Haverhill Golf & Country Club!

This event was SOLD OUT, just as it is every year, and raised much needed funds to benefit the DiStefano Family Care Fund which helps older adults (ages 60 and older) pay for unexpected expenses such as fuel, medication, respite cares, urgently needed home repairs and utility bills.

Click here to make a donation to the fund or visit AgeSpan online if you reside in one of the communities that AgeSpan supports and need some financial assistance!
Pictured is Bonnie Sisson, AgeSpan's Community Relations Liaison & Fundraising Manager, with one of the happy golfers who participated in the tournament on September 12, 2023!