September 16, 2019
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Medicaid Transformation Delayed to Statewide Roll Out - February, 2020
NC DHHS announced that, due to the NC 2019 budget impasse, instead of a two-phase roll out for Medicaid managed care, the 1115 Medicaid waiver will be implemented statewide on February 1, 2020. While that first phase of two regions may have provided the State some opportunity to resolve glitches without it having widespread impact, there is no getting around the funding that is needed to implement the new way of doing business, aka capitation with five new Prepaid Health Plans (PHPs) at the same time that claims continue to come in through the old way of funding (fee-for-service). The budget also includes important components of the Transformation model like establishing authority around hospital assessments and implementing a premium gross tax for the Prepaid Health Plans.

i2i Center Facilitates Creation of PRTF Dashboard
i2i Center being true to its mission to convene, strategize and activate solutions has successfully facilitated discussions among a workgroup of the seven LME/MCOs and seven partner Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities (PRTFs) that has led to an agreement on indicators for a PRTF dashboard and on a single assessment tool. This effort, funded by the Division of MH/IDD/SUD, is part of a larger discussion around strategies to strengthen the children's mental health system in North Carolina.
i2i Center Spearheads a Value-Based Purchasing Approach to Community Support Team
The NC Medicaid Transformation is creating a shift from typical fee-for-service (FFS) payment to more value-driven reimbursement. Behavioral healthcare lags behind physical healthcare in this movement that emphasizes quality and outcomes over volume. To address this, i2i Center for Integrative Health has facilitated a Collaborative on Value-Based Purchasing with representatives from provider agencies, LME/MCOs and DHHS. The Collaborative agreed to recommend a pilot of Value-Based Care contracting under the new Community Support Team (CST) service definition (see story on Community Support Team Changes below).

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Community Support Team Service Changes Lead to Whole Person Care  
Community Support Team is both a Medicaid and State-funded service definition that offers adults with mental illness and/or substance use disorders a structured team approach to increase and restore the individual's ability to live successfully in the community. The service definition is undergoing a rework that will fold in parts of another service definition, Transition Management Services (TMS), and strengthen the integration of behavioral and physical healthcare as well as Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). 

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North Carolina's Data Strategy for Tailored Care Management Policy Released 
This paper describes how Behavioral Health I/DD Tailored Plans and entities providing Tailored Care Management will use data and information to fulfill their care management responsibilities across seven core functional areas.   i2i will publish a summary article at a later date.

Whole Person Care Expo 
December 6
Pinehurst, NC
If you would like to Sponsor/Participate in the Whole Person Expo, please email or complete this form.

House Overrides Budget Veto, Senate to Consider Override
The NC House overrode Governor Cooper's veto of the budget on September 11th with a final 55-15 vote. There are a total of 123 House members, but it only takes three-fifths majority of those present in the chamber to override a veto. 53 members did not vote at all. Now the bill veto will go to the Senate for consideration.  
i2i Collaborating on Conversations with Lead Family Partners about Medicaid Transformation
i2i in collaboration with the NC Collaborative for Children Youth and Families (NCCCYF) and NC Families United (NCFU) will host 2 webinars specifically designed to inform Lead Family Partners on Medicaid Transformation to assist their work with families across North Carolina. Webinar content will be developed specifically from Medicaid Transformation questions/concerns raised by families and stakeholders.  

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Transformation Today and Tomorrow Conference Keynotes to bring 
Consumer Perspective
Two very diverse presenters will keynote the Opening and Closing of the Pinehurst Conference this year, but the message from both will focus on who we serve.  

Kevin Hines, mental health advocate, global speaker, best-selling author, documentary filmmaker (Suicide The Ripple Effect) and entrepreneur will discuss  Triumph Over Adversity:  Resilience and Recovery.  Kevin is only one of 34 people to survive a suicide attempt from the Golden Gate Bridge.  He will tell his amazing story of recovery and share proven wellness strategies, suicide prevention and effective ways to monitor wellness.

Dr. Summer KnightMD, MBA, Managing Director at Deloitte  Referred to as "The Innovation Doctor," she is an expert leader in the Human Experience in Healthcare with a unique approach to healthcare and wellness.  She will present on the importance of  Humanizing Healthcare.

September is Suicide Prevention Month

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Alexander Youth Network is now North Carolina's Largest Provider of Children's Mental Health Services
On September 1, Alexander Youth Network merged with Guilford County-based mental health provider Youth Focus to expand its comprehensive mental health services to children across North Carolina.

"Merging with Youth Focus gave us a competitive advantage to serve more children, expand our footprint and array of services, and continue enhancing our capabilities," said Alexander CEO, Craig Bass.
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Bold Solutions LLC Announces New Consulting Services
BOLD Solutions LLC is pleased to announce the addition of new consulting experts to expand our ever-growing array of essential offerings.
BOLD now provides services in the areas of:
  • Finance and accounting
  • Credentialing and accreditation
  • Market and brand differentiation
  • Executive leadership and coaching
  • Clinical oversight and protocols
  • Interim leadership
These new services will solidify BOLD's long-time noted work in business and corporate development as well as strategic planning and operational implementation.
BOLD Solutions CEO, John Tote, indicated that during this time of ongoing reform in North Carolina's health and human service systems, BOLD was the right partner at the right time for providers, health systems, and payers as each seek to gain stable footing in an ever-changing landscape.  He further commented that BOLD's slogan of 'Better Outcomes for a New Era' was never more correct...and never more needed.

For more information on BOLD Solutions and what BOLD can offer you, please contact John Tote at 919-219-3944 or at  Finally, please visit BOLD at 

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