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I enjoy meeting all of thousands of practitioners I have taught over the years and I take something positive from every one. This past year I met Dr. John Sullivan and he inspired me. 

If you want to be fit, healthy, strong and wonder how can I do that? Look no further. Dr. John Sullivan is 70 years old and is a Chiropractor and ripped.

Dr. Sullivan has 27 years of clinical experience and he teaches seminars in his low force techniques. He also holds a B.S. degree in Physical Education and has been a student of health and fitness for over 40 years. 

He is presently a RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certified). This is a major achievement. It takes a very healthy spine, strength and flexibility to obtain this credential. It is great to see a fellow chiropractor live the " Strength & Fitness Lifestyle "

Dr. Sullivan holds a NAUI instructors rating in SCUBA and was a PRO rated skydiver and Jumpmaster with over 1,000 skydives ( WOW; enough said). As an enthusiastic supporter of Kettlebell training, he hosts Kettlebell workshops and has written articles on the benefits of Kettlebell training.

Please read his interview below. I hope you will be inspired and encouraged.

In Health,

Dr. Jerome Rerucha

Dr. Jerome Rerucha
Performance Chiropractic and Wellness

Interview with Dr. John Sullivan DC
The Kettlebell Chiropractor

S&F:  Who/what inspired you to become a chiropractor?  
Dr. Sullivan: I had a severe neck injury in college wrestling class. 230 pounder fell on my 127 pound neck and put me in a hospital for 2.5weeks where they almost killed me.  I signed myself out against doctors orders and found myself in a old Chiropractors office several days later in terrible pain when the drugs wore off. One gentle click of my neck and I was 85% better. I changed my major and knew I wanted to be a Chiropractor.

S&F: How would you describe your current practice?
Dr. Sullivan: Since beginning practice I have been drawn to low and non-force procedures since they had such a positive effect on me. Structural adjusting did not agree with my neurology. I currently use Activator and various other instruments such as Adjustor and percussor.  And of course the Erchonia Laser.
S&F: Tell us about the best part of being a chiropractor.
Dr. Sullivan: The best thing about being a Chiropractor is the ability to turn on God's Innate Intelligence. And help people discover their potential

S&F: What are some of your favorite accomplishments?
Dr. Sullivan:
  • Finally realizing that my Spiritual Progress was way more important than material gains.
  • Graduating Chiropractic College. I am the first in my family to ever attend college.
  • Staying married . Only those who are committed to making a marriage work will know how much of an accomplishment this is.
  • Becoming a Pro rated Skydiver and Jumpmaster
  • Graduating Marine Corps boot camp at Parris Island.
  • Passing the RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge and Strong First Certification). 30% of attendees fail. I am 70 years young and my belief is "Aging is Inevitable but Getting Old is Optional".  I was struck by a car 18 months ago and had both legs fractured and one year ago I was in surgery having a knee reconstruction.  I have been rehabilitating myself for the past year because I found traditional "PT" really lacking.  
  • I am a senior athlete and kettle bell instructor.  My next Certification requires that I do a Turkish Getup with a 62 lb. Kettlebell and Snatch a 44 lb. kettle bell 50 times in 3 minutes. At a bodyweight of under 132. (that's just for starters). I have been treating myself with the laser almost daily and my recovery has been amazing.
S&F:   What are some of your favorite Erchonia equipment applications taught by Dr Jerome?
Dr. Sullivan: I've been in practice since 1987 and have had the Erchonia PL5000 for probably 10 years and basically paid for it and let it sit on the shelf collecting dust because I could not seem to get it to "work" the way I saw it being used in the seminars. Besides it was taking up a lot of time.  So basically I had a $12,000 dust collector.

Just recentl y something told me to attend Dr. Jerome's Laser Seminar in Jackson, MS.  I don't know what was different about this seminar or his teaching but I FINALLY got it!  I experienced something I can only call a "GOD" moment after he treated me.

I made a decision to really apply myself and learn this stuff.  All I can say is that it has made an unbelievable difference in me as a doctor and what I can actually do for patients today.  Just doing up regulation and brain balancing is eye opening for most patients. But after years of adjusting it has given me another  "spark" of enthusiasm to take it to the next level of service.

The seminar itself is great but when I got home I realized I needed more to learn this stuff. I got his Basic and Advanced Laser DVDs and applied myself.  They have really opened my eyes to what is possible with this technology.

S&F:   What is your personal involvement in the strength / fitness industry?
Dr. Sullivan: At present I teach private Kettlebell Classes and am writing a book on Aging and Fitness

S&F:  If you would recommend only one book on health, what would it be?
Dr. Sullivan: On Health/ It starts with Food .. On fitness ... Enter the Kettlebell by Pavel.

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