Goodbye Summer, Welcome Back-to-School Heat 

After months of free time and fun vacation adventures, students are now challenged to change gears as they return to school. Adjusting to the formal school schedule along with regimented academic homework requires students to be disciplined and focused. At BriteMinds, our goal is to make this back-to-school transition smooth and successful for students and their families. BriteMinds’ resourceful teaching methods include a personalized lesson plan, homework help, parent support (day-to-day performance feedback so parents are informed), and more. BriteMinds instructors mentor students with a positive, enthusiastic, and motivating mindset.

Adjust to the intensity of academic life utilizing BriteMinds! Our academic coaches are inspiring, encouraging, and supportive, making sure students stay on track in their classes and manage their workload in an organized and efficient manner.
Make back-to-school easier with BriteMinds!
Homework in Harmony

Parents often report that assisting their children with homework can be a frustrating task for both parties.
Here are some ideas that may increase success and reduce tension while parents and children work together:

1.     Instead of directing a child to do something, ask them guiding questions: “Why did you choose to solve the problem this way instead of the other way?” or “How did you decide to take this step before that one?” This technique helps children think reflectively, analyze information, discover nuances, and use cognitive skills, but will require parents to listen to the child’s way of thinking instead of focusing on the proper execution of a task.

2.     Instead of saying negative comments such as "How many times did I tell you…You are not listening...You made the same mistake..." Try using motivating, problem-solving guidance. Negative comments may release the tension parents have but may disappoint the child. Giving positive comments such as "Let's figure it out together. What is the question? Do you understand the question?" may motivate the child to collaborate.

3.     Children younger than third grade are still developing study habits and usually need support to practice and reinforce those skills. So, when parents teach their children in a fun and creative way, children are more likely to become interested in the content and develop more curiosity and passion for learning.

Parents & Teachers at BriteMinds

At BriteMinds, we strongly believe that partnership, communication, and teamwork are fundamental pillars of lifelong learning. Private lessons at BriteMinds allow us to focus on every student's individual development and goals, and communication between parents and BriteMinds instructors results in less stress at home and more successful learning experiences.
BriteMinds welcomes any feedback from parents, as it helps our instructors plan more effectively for each student. Parents may let the instructors know what they notice about their child’s learning attitude, how he/she is doing at home, or any challenges there may be at school. We respond to every request and work toward becoming accountable and responsible for any homework and projects that need to get done. If there is a specific request, we recommend parents update their instructor prior to the beginning of the lesson so we can respond and work to complete a task.
Families appreciate our thoughtful approach and our desire to work together as a team for the child’s success. Parents are always welcome to visit their child’s lessons and talk to the instructor.
Parent Support
To get the most out of the BriteMinds learning experience, we encourage parents to become familiar with and take advantage of all the services we provide. We recognize the importance of parent support in the education process, and through our consultation about the child’s learning style and practical learning strategies for home, we help build and grow the parent-child relationship. We offer this support to parents at BriteMinds because we know that well-informed parents have a greater, more positive impact on their child’s learning experience.
The following are some of the common issues and requests we receive from parents, along with suggested solutions:
Problem 1: My child is so disorganized.
Solution: Organization is a behavior that develops over time; it is a habit that needs to be practiced. Collaboratively develop a plan with your child that will play into their strengths as a student. For example, have them keep a 3-ring binder. Anytime they receive a new assignment, have them 3-hole punch that assignment and place it in the designated section. Do it together! This ‘boring’ process will help your child build organizational skills, which can be reinforced through repetition.
Problem 2: My child gets frustrated easily and gives up.
Solution: While all children must be challenged in order to grow, optimal challenge is key to building confidence. It is also important that children receive praise and other forms of positive reinforcement. For example: when working on developing reading skills, it is important to pick a book that poses optimal challenge. Books that have a cool cover but are too hard to read or understand would not be enjoyable. When parents discuss the story with their child, there are ample opportunities for positive regards, compliments, and laughter, which will strengthen a child’s mental fortitude to face future challenges with more confidence.
New Ways to Learn - After the Pandemic
As students return to formal learning and emerge from the limitations of the pandemic, we can reflect on the benefits of online learning and what we learned about the online learning process.
While online learning does not work for everyone, it can be highly beneficial when utilized to complement in-person learning. While teachers provide systematic guidance, online learning can be self-directed, allowing students to take the lead in learning at their preferred pace. When students use both in-person and online learning simultaneously, they learn not only through the classroom setting but also through informative videos, engaging games, brain-stimulating exercises, creative puzzles, animated science, and much more.
Modern-day resources such as computerized mathematical graphs or engaging scientific simulations are great tools to support any complex concept a student may have difficulty understanding. Especially for visual learners, these highly engaging resources are effective tools to absorb the information they are learning, rather than solely reading or listening to a lecture. Although reading assignments and lectures are helpful tools, they are more powerful when used in conjunction with online resources.
At BriteMinds, students receive academic coaching in an inspiring atmosphere. We introduce online resources to students in a patient and creative manner. Once students are familiar with these resources and can navigate on their own, online learning will motivate their performance and allow for a positive, stress-free learning experience.
Thank you, BriteMinds!

I highly recommend BriteMinds to any child who has a hard time focusing on schoolwork or feels challenged completing homework. We were pleased receiving very helpful feedback from the instructors at BriteMinds about how our son completed the assignments. We are grateful for the guidance BriteMinds instructors give us about how my son could organize his planner more efficiently. After almost every lesson, they let us know what was done. BriteMinds is very welcoming and has a variety of academic services helping not only students, but the entire family work together." -M.P.