A Note From Raymon

Howdy Folks
Last month I  wrote about Honesty and due to the emails received about people being deceived and cheated, thought this letter should be about crooks.
Am amazed at the bad choices people make that takes their money. It ranges from giving your personal information to an unknown caller who stealsyour money from your bank account to paying full amount in advance for repair services that never get done. 
Here is how I answer the phone when an unfamiliar number appears on my caller ID.
“Are you sure you have the right number?”
If the caller ask ‘Is this Raymon Grace?” my question is, “Who wants to know?”
OR~~ If the caller quotes my address and asks if it is correct, I ask “Why do you want to know”?
NEVER give an unknown caller ANY information.
The list of thieves is long but the one that gets my attention are the people who claim to be ‘healers’. Am hearing more stories of them, I thought it beneficial to pass the information on to you.

Yes, there are legitimate healers with good reputations and there are those who prey on the unsuspecting victims. 
They demand LARGE sums of money to ‘cure’ you. They want this money in ADVANCE.
Then if you don’t get well, it is YOUR fault or if you die ~~ well, you won’t ask for your money back.
The ‘healer’ may tell you that you have demons, curses and other dangerous problems~~~ and for several thousand dollars they will assure you a cure.

Yes, demons do exist ~~but I have NEVER found one affecting the caliber of people who attend my class or receive my newsletter. 
Yes, there are some people who live in haunted houses, through no fault of their own ~~ and removing them is fairly simple.
Yes, there are some people who just made bad choices and got themselves in trouble.

It is these self proclaimed ‘healers’ you need to be aware of~~ the ones who use fear and intimidation and want LOTS of YOUR money up front. 
The fact that you are reading this, indicates you know something about dowsing. Learn as much as you can and USE IT ~~ to measure the integrity of a person who is trying to take your money. 

 Most people never ask me about hiring a repair service or investor or healer~~~but then, after they have lost their money, they write and ask me to get it back for them. Life doesn't usually work that way.

So~~ for you who are wondering how much I charge for my services, here is my answer.

I decline to take money BEFORE working on people.
I have never sent anyone an invoice. Never charged a fee except for classes. I tell people to send a gift of the amount THEY feel it is worth. 
There are some people am sure I cannot help, so I send them an email saying, ‘If I can’t help you, it is not fair to take your money.'
In my opinion, this is a fair way to do business. People may not like my blunt attitude but none can say I cheated them.

Enjoy Fall on the Northern half of the earth and enjoy Spring on the Southern half.

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