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Caring for Families Who Love Their Pets

Providing End-Of-Life Care and Euthanasia for Pets in the Your Home

The end of a pet's life is a time of grief and sadness.  Home pet hospice and euthanasia can soothe fears of both the family and
the beloved pet during this difficult time.  

Animal hospice care, similar to human hospice care, is used to alleviate pain and suffering and keep the pet as comfortable as possible in the final period of their life.  Expert support helps the family provide appropriate care until natural death occurs or the decision to euthanize the pet is made by the family.

In Pittsburgh, we are extremely fortunate to have multiple veterinarians that provide hospice as well as euthanasia services in our homes.
For a list of veterinarians who provide this service, please visit 



Millions of pets lost a year

Keep your pet safe with Finding Rover, the revolutionary facial recognition app. It's FREE!

An app takes the "lost dog" poster into the digital age. Finding Rover uses facial recognition to match pictures of lost pets with photos of strays - images uploaded by shelters and other users.

Thanks to the app, which is available for iOS, Android, and the Web, they report that more than 620 dogs have been reunited with their owners since its inception. And if you're a cat lover,  a version of the app for felines is expected soon.

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Custom Pet Portraits
They may be prizewinners or bedraggled street survivors, but no matter--each is precious and fills our lives with joy.  A portrait of your animal companion can be a lovely reminder of their unique individual personalities.

Different from a photograph, stunning portraits created by Bernadette Kazmarski are created from many photos and perhaps a meeting so that the essence of your pet(s) personality is evident through this original art. In doing so, your companion(s) can be grouped together in ways they would never pose.  Several composite portraits have been created with pet's from the same household who lived there at different times.

   The Johnson family, all the animals they every lived with.

Portraits can be any size or shape and you don't need to have the perfect picture to get the pose you really want. Multiple photos are helpful in ensuring your pet(s) markings and coloring are displayed accurately.
This original artwork makes a special and personal gift idea for a family member or friend. If you are thinking this would be a perfect Christmas gift, you would want to commission Bernadette by November 1st.

To start the process for your pet portrait, get in touch with Bernadette through 
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