Welcome to the end of the third quarter! As 2023 winds down, the WVGOP is eager to provide an update on where the Party stands and where it is going! Please expect these updates throughout the cycle!

WVGOP Intervenes in Court Battle Over Trump Ballot Access

The West Virginia Republican Party is joining forces with Jay Sekulow and the ACLJ to fight back against a lawsuit filed in West Virginia to prevent President Trump from being on the ballot In West Virginia in 2024. The WVGOP is eager to join this court battle to defend the Constitution, as well as the rights of our voters and President Trump. Our full statement can he found here. The Court has since GRANTED our motion to intervene! Please stay tuned for more on this as it unfolds.

In the News

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ACLJ Moves To Intervene Against Third Lawsuit Seeking To Bar President Trump From the Ballot on Behalf of the West Virginia Republican Party

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Lawsuit over Trump’s ballot access in West Virginia draws fire, fire and more fire

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West Virginia GOP chair joins fight to keep Trump on state’s ballot

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It's Been One Year!

This month marked the one-year work-iversary for the WVGOP Office Administrator, Shelby Hill! Shelby is a true asset to our organization, and we are grateful for her continued service to our State and Party!

How Can You Help?

As the end of 2023 rapidly approaches, please consider contributing your time or resources to the WVGOP to support our efforts in delivering resounding Republican victories in 2024!


"Retire Manchin Mondays"

Beginning this month, the West Virginia Republican Party launched its “Retire Manchin” digital campaign, through which, voters are being made aware of Senator Manchin’s voting record and liberal tendencies. West Virginia deserves an unwavering, conservative Senator that stands up to the radical left in Washington, and the West Virginia Republican Party will do its part to ensure 2024 delivers exactly that. The past two weeks, the WVGOP has highlighted Senator Manchin's support for the disastrous "Inflation 'Reduction' Act" and his opposition to and lies about President Trump's tax cuts.

Wayne County Flips to Republican

The WVGOP and the Wayne County Republican Executive Committee are happy to report that Wayne County has officially flipped from Democrat to Republican with regard to voter registration in the county. This is an exciting development and is a true testament to the hard work of so many and the values and policies of the Republican Party! Our full statement can be found here.

The next 14 months of this election cycle will be very lively, and the West Virginia Republican Party looks forward to being a true resource to its elected officials, candidates, State Executive Committee, and all Republican voters throughout the process. Please stay tuned for future events and announcements from the Party, and never hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

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