September 2019
The Mel King Institute for Community Building offers training and educational opportunities to help build just and inclusive communities. This newsletter contains MKI and partner trainings, upcoming conferences, educational opportunities and resources for further exploration of the field.
The Mel King Institute Certificate offers a new way to engage with our programming through a more comprehensive experience. By taking a range of existing MKI courses, this program provides an overview of the basic skills, knowledge, and values that underlie the work of community development in Massachusetts. 

The Alliance for Racial Equity , an initiative of the MKI, will launch an internship pilot this fall supporting interns in the field of community development. The program is intended to be a partnership of community development organizations committed to broadening the field by exposing students to the Massachusetts Community Development Eco-system . The internship is designed to expose interns who are enrolled in any concentration area to the field of community development through access to MKI trainings and workshops, network building opportunities, partner events, and other activities allowing participation in MKI. Interns will meet staff in different roles, leaders from the field, and learn about career paths.

Application Deadline : September 27,2019
Launch Event : October 1, 2019: 9:00am - 11:00am

Featured Event
September 19, 2019, 9am - 4pm
Boston, MA
Instructor: Matt Thompson

MWI is an organization that works towards building staff capacity to collaborate and find mutually beneficial solutions through mediation and negotiation. Their Negotiation Skills Workshop is designed to build each participant’s ability to negotiate effectively and produce better outcomes for all parties while enhancing long-term working relationships.

Negotiation is an extremely important skill for every person working in the Community Development field, from Community Organizers to Real Estate Project Managers. During the training participants will have a chance to share and gain the skills to resolve their everyday difficulties with negotiation.

Participants will increase their capacity to:
  • Structure the negotiation process in a way that promotes joint problem-solving and collaboration
  • Respond to challenges, threats and other difficult behaviors
  • Influence those you do not have direct authority over (i.e. lateral players, clients, etc…)
  • And so much more!
Upcoming MKI Events
In partnership with City Life/Vida Urbana and Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation , Undesign the Redline has opened at the Brewery complex in Jamaica Plain! They are partnering with two organizations that have long engaged in Boston's fight for affordable housing.

Learn about the historically disenfranchising policies and practices, whose effects continue to reverberate throughout communities today, and join us in undesigning these policies towards a more just and inclusive future.

Stay tuned for details on programming in the coming weeks!
(outside of City Life/Vida Urbana offices)
284 Amory Street, Fl 1
Boston MA 02130

Hours: 8 AM – 9 PM, daily

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Public Housing Training Program 

The Resident Leader Training is a free two-day training for any  resident of public housing who would like to enhance their leadership skills, learn about new state regulations, or get involved in a tenant group. Leaders of Local Tenant Organizations, “Task Forces” and other tenant groups are highly encouraged to attend.

Upcoming Training Opportunities:
Partner Events
Community Organizing & Planning

Economic Development

Nonprofit Governance

Racial Equity

Real Estate Development


Application Deadlines

MKI Certificate Cohort - September 12

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Featured Resources
Ceasar McDowell, Founder; Ayushi Roy, Podcast co-host; Misael Galdamez, Website Author; Julia Curbera, Website Author

The Move is a movement to rebuild our public’s muscle for democracy. This movement aims to bring together people of all backgrounds who are seeking to facilitate real civic engagement in today’s democracies. Check out some of their Podcast episodes, articles, and the organizations they're working with.
National League of Cities (NLC)
The National League of Cities brought 20 local leaders from across the US together to create a Housing Task Force. This report is a product of their work and includes an analysis of the factors that caused the housing crisis, case studies from various cities, and recommendations for local and federal leaders.
Merrimack College Community Engagement Courses 
The Merrimack College Master's degree in Community Engagement is offering three four-credit courses, delivered online, this fall. The Courses examine place-based community organizing, the critical role of fundraising and development in nonprofit organizations, and the contemporary community engagement movement.

Online; Thurs 8:30-9:50 required weekly virtual session

Online; asynchronous

Online; asynchronous

For more information and to register for a course, please contact Alex Harrigan at