September 2021
Happy Back to School?
September means goodbye Summer and hello Fall. Sure wish it was that easy to say goodbye to Covid. We continue to thank everyone for their ongoing patience and support in our attempt to accommodate everyone’s needs and wants while still maintaining some resemblance of doing business in these crazy Covid times. We may not always be perfect in our attempts to please everyone but know in your hearts that we are doing the very best we can and continue to hang on to the belief there is a light at the end of this long tunnel.

Normally we would be telling you it’s September - back to school time and off to Denver for our annual buying trip. Well, back to school doesn’t seem to mean the same and neither does our annual trip to Denver. We will stay true to our yearly tradition and even though we won’t be physically shopping in Denver again this year, we will continue to have our 16th Annual Denver Fall Trunk Sale starting October 23rd and running until November 14th. Our auditorium will be filled with all our new 4th quarter holiday inventory for you to preview and enjoy. Not being able to attend last year’s International buying event in Denver taught us how to circumvent the traditional ways of gathering inventory and provided us the opportunity to gather the same caliber of inventory in new creative ways. So prepare yourself for another spectacular annual Denver Trunk Show next month!

Not too many holiday celebrations in September to acknowledge. Of course there is Labor Day on September 6th, a time to celebrate and recognize all laborers and how we formed work conditions and movements for the betterment of this country and our daily lives. Yom Kippur is observed on September 15th, a day of atonement for those of the Jewish faith. Even though it’s not an official Federal holiday I think its worth mentioning that September 21st is the UN International Day of Peace. The sun crosses the equator again on September 22nd for our Fall or Autumnal equinox announcing the official beginning of autumn.

Last, but by no means least, is the acknowledgement of Mercury going Retrograde for the third and final time for this year on September 27th until October 18th in the sign of Libra. This planet’s movement tends to get a bad rap and blamed for everything that doesn’t go well and usually with good cause. If you aren’t familiar with what all the commotion is about I’ll try to briefly help you thru this. First the basics…Surprise! Mercury isn’t the only planet that retrogrades but because of its rapid transition or rotation within one year we tend to feel it’s energy movement more so than other planets. It doesn’t really move backwards in its orbit, its actually our earth movement around the sun that makes it look or feel like it’s reversing or retrograding. Mercury’s energy rules communications and our lives are so centered around mental, verbal and physical/electronic communicating we feel this retrograde static energy basically 24/7 in all aspects of our lives. Understanding the energy during this retrograde time can help you manage and maneuver during this approximate 30 day event that happens 3-4 times a year.

Retrograde time is an excellent time for reflection - stop and notice your patterns, Are you truly spending your time and energy on the right things and areas in your life? Mercury’s retrograde energy tends to bring confusion, delays and frustrations. Your communications and all forms of activities related to communications are being effected so our base feels static and off balance. Words aren’t heard right, messages aren’t delivered, written documents may be missing important communication points or include hidden words. The rule of thumb to maneuver during this time is to remain flexible, patient and understanding. Allow extra time for travel and avoid signing new contracts if you are unsure (at least read them very carefully if you are going to sign), choose your words carefully and backup your data. This is the third and final retrograde for this year so you may feel this reversing energy a little bit more than usual. I find during this time having sodalite with me tends to help. Sodalite’s vibrations work with words and communications, helping you find the words so others can better hear what you are trying to say. Remember this is the ideal time for reflection and checking the balance of what you are spending your energy on. It will be your last chance and best time this year to move forward and activate the changes in your day to day patterns you have been working on all year long.

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We feel your love ❤️
Please everyone, continue to stay safe and healthy.

Karen and the Staff
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Featured Agate - Laguna
These agates are found near Estacion Ojo Laguna, a small town in Chihuahua State, Mexico. This is located in a mostly north/south mountain range almost due south of El Paso, Texas. The agates are found in an andesite (basalt) layer near the top third of the mountain where they are mined. There are several claims for mining this agate on the mountain. The pictured agate is from the La Alianza claim.
Considered to be the most colorful agate in the world they are sought after by collectors of all levels.
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Born in Colorado, Mari moved around a lot, and has lived in at least 10 different states. She has lived in Texas for about six years.
Career highlights include working with two United Way agencies, one as an Executive Secretary and one as a Medical Transcriptionist. She is thankful that she had the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom to her four children, including 21 years of homeschooling.
Hobbies include traveling, reading, playing board games, hanging out with family, collecting carousel horses.
Hard to pick a favorite stone, I like agates, quartz, amethyst, geodes… Geodes are pretty cool, they can be so unassuming on the outside but you never know what you’ll find on the inside, kind of like people I guess.

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Coldtowne Theatre Showcase
Saturday, September 18th
Nature's Treasures of Texas - Auditorium
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They were locked inside for a over a year. Then they were in improv class for 8 weeks. Now they are ready to take the stage. Come for an hour of laughs and thrills with these up and coming comic geniuses. Shows at 5:30p, 7:00p and 8:30p. $12 tickets available HERE!
The Spiritual Life Fair
Saturday, September 25th
Nature's Treasures of Texas - Auditorium
FREE Admission
Experience some of the wonderful ways you can be even more empowered in 2021, whether it’s through a session from one of Spiritual Life Productions' unique assortment of fine psychic readers and healers, or experiencing specific products, modalities, or techniques.

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September Practitioners
Daily Practitioners are Back!
We are so happy to welcome back our practitioners this month.
Practitioners will be available for private sessions in-store from 11:30a-5p.
Denise Nitti - Intuitive Reiki Master - 16th, 27th, 30th
Freedom Jennings - Aura Soma, Reiki, Tarot 1st, 8th, 24th
Sheela Goodrich - Healer of Healers - 10th, 15th, 29th
Madam Zee - Magikal Life Coach - 7th, 13th, 21st
Tara Ventura - Psychic Medium - 3rd, 17th
Kramer Wetzel - Astrology - 9th, 14th
Renatus Ren - 22nd, 23rd
Yuci Edwards - Spiritual Guide - 6th, 20th, 28th
In the Community

The Healing Arts Festival & Market
Sunday, September 12th, in San Antonio!
Don't want to drive into Austin and wait in line to get into the store? Visit our booth at The Healing Arts Festival & Market to get your crystals and interact with a myriad of practitioners and vendors all with unique gifts and products!

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